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Posted by nathanscc on Oct. 04 2005,00:37
I started my website 15 weeks ago and i just paid to get my ads removed so now my site is ad free. I have a forum and have programming lessons and software reviews. I am just trying to get some people to look at my website and join my forum. Right now i have 5 members 4 of which i know. My website is now listed on yahoo. It took awhile, but i made it.

My address is:
< >

thank you for looking at my post

Posted by AwPhuch on Oct. 13 2005,17:35
Kewl site bro!


Posted by nathanscc on Oct. 13 2005,22:27
I am starting to get some members. I think now I have 12.  I checked today and i am listed on google.  I still would like to get more members and more suggestions.

Thank you for your help so far.

Posted by faroutscience on Oct. 14 2005,00:09
Hi Nathan,

You have a nice site. I registered in your forum and hope to drop in frequently.


Posted by AwPhuch on Oct. 14 2005,15:31
from you forum < >

Does anyone have any ideas on how NCC can attract more users.
So far we are listed on Yahoo and i have been recomending my site in computer related chat rooms. On the DSL forum a posted a topic about are site and to date 52 people have viewed my post. The sad part is that I had no replys.

Any Ideas?

Topless dancers and free beer!

That would bring me running!



Posted by nathanscc on Oct. 20 2005,23:47
I updated my website today and right now to attract more users NCC is giving away 50 invites for gmail.
For more information visit < >

My websites stats have been increasing and i thank everyone for their support.

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