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Posted by newOldUser on Nov. 03 2005,00:10
I just saw this website the other day and thought it might be of interest to others here.  It's not DSL specific but it does have lots of good articles.

< Tux Magazine website >


Posted by adssse on Nov. 03 2005,16:02
Thanks, I am subscribed to this. Its pretty good, has some interesting articles. Best of all its free.
Posted by faroutscience on Nov. 03 2005,21:12
< Linux Gazette > is also a free Linux magazine. It has been around much longer than Tux and has an archive of over 100 issues.

It is pretty interesting to read about the early days of Linux.


Posted by newOldUser on Feb. 02 2006,11:49
After taking the month of January off, Tux magazine has it's February issue ready for download.
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