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Topic: How to install keyboard layout ?
started by: drcode

Posted by drcode on June 14 2006,06:14
How to Install Languge in DamnSmallLinux (With Dead Keys)?


I have some old laptop that I want to install small linux with hebrew

language keyboard , here is manual how it can be done:

1. First install xfree86.dsl ,

Manual is here:

< >

2. After xfree86 is running , when you try to run setxkbmap an error appear.

Ok, Don't Panic, After I check the forum , I decide to zip the files.

copy from the zip file xf86config-xkb dir to  /ramdisk/usr/X11F6/lib/X11/

so you will have /ramdisk/usr/X11F6/lib/X11/xf86config-xkb.

Also in /etc/X11 make dir call xserver and copy SecurityPolicy inside.

So you will have /etc/X11/xserver/SecurityPolicy

< >

My zip file contains the exect path.

3. Edit file /etc/X11/XF86Config-4

find line "XKBLayout" "us" and put also you'er keyboard like "XKBLayout" "us,il"

4. Exit from flushbox & type exit so X server will load again, now run setxkbmap, If there is no errors, go to next step.

5. After checking google , I found a great utill for easy switch keyboard,

It call wmxkb , copy it to any dir U want. (I put it here /home/dsl)

inside there is file, extract this file with same dirs it come /usr/share/pixmaps .. and so.

extract the wmxkb file it self , put it in /home/dsl (mybe you will have also to do linux#>wmxkb 777 /home/dsl/wmxkb)

go to /home/dsl/.xinit

before dillio line put this line:

/home/dsl/wmxkb -fwdSwitch 62-8 -backSwitch 62-8 -docked &

this line will load wmxkb before dallio and will let you switch with ALTGR + Left SHIFT.

It work like a charm.

Link to Download ZIP file: < >
(Please upload it to damnsmalllinux site) thanx.

It will be also great to make it .dsl pkg or put it in next release.


Gadi Dor

Technical Linux Advisor and Security Advisor

Posted by Pupa on Feb. 07 2008,19:51
-- does not work!
How can I get xf86config-xkb dir to put in  /ramdisk/usr/X11F6/lib/X11/?

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