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started by: Zucca

Posted by Zucca on July 06 2006,02:54
For months I tried to ask how to change /ramdisk's size on the fly. It seemed that no one here knew. So I studied and...
I finally found out how to change /ramdisk's size on the fly:
Code Sample
mount -t tmpfs /ramdisk -o remount,rw,size=1024M,nouser,exec /ramdisk

I use this code because my /ramdisk gets filled very quickly.
If you do not have enough RAM swap will be used as space for your /ramdisk when RAM gets low.

This second one is important if you save your settings to your usb stick that's a small one and could get full. If that happens on reboot/shutdown you'll lose all your settings! One way to (partially) prevent this from happening is to limit the size of your /home directory:
Code Sample
mv /ramdisk/home /ramdisk/_home
mkdir /ramdisk/home
mount -t tmpfs tmpfs -o size=64M /ramdisk/home
mv /ramdisk/_home/* /ramdisk/home/

Remember these tips are for /opt/ ;)

Posted by mikshaw on July 06 2006,03:17
Nice tip about ramdisk size...definitely going into my notes.  Difference is I think i'll use this to reduce the size of my ramdisk rather than increase, since i generally use approximately 1% of it =o)
Posted by humpty on July 06 2006,04:53
nice one Zucca.
Posted by Zucca on July 06 2006,09:59
I have also some nice lines (some on development ;P) that automatically load some server features at startup.
I have set monkey, syslogd, ftpd, VNCd and no-ip to start automatically.
Portable server. :;):
Hotline server startup still in progress.

Posted by mikshaw on July 06 2006,14:41
monkey, syslogd, and ftpd are also available as boot options (monkey, syslog, ftp).
Posted by Zucca on July 07 2006,04:48
I "can't" use boot options because boot options cannot be saved to bakcup.tar.gz.
Why? Because I use my Linux as a little server too. And sometimes it needs to be booted remotely. :;):

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