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Topic: Grub not working after Frugal-Install
started by: eeffoC

Posted by eeffoC on Jan. 16 2007,14:36

As I saw several threads in the last time (including my own) about problems with Grub after frugal install I want to post my solution here now.

The Installation of Frugal-GRUB using the Install-Script works fine but when trying to boot from the CF-Card / HD Drive the System hangs with message "Grub" and a blinking cursor.

How to solve:
- Boot up DSL From LiveCD or Pendrive again
- Mount your CF Card or Hard Drive where you did the Frugal Install and there
- Go to /boot/grub and edit "" so there will be only one entry left. For me it was
           (hd0) /dev/hdc
  You will have to modify it to your needs, ie when you installed to hda use "(hd0) /dev/hda"
- Now reinstall GRUB with the command
           grub-install /dev/hdc --root-directory=/mnt/hdc1
  Again you will have to modify the command to your needs...

If the Grub-Install-Script finishs without errors your frugal should boot correctly now...

Hope this thread might be of some help!


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