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started by: cab12

Posted by cab12 on April 18 2007,16:51
I have 2 questions

i cant here some sound. what should i do?
how do i change my home directory?

Posted by cab12 on May 17 2007,18:52
someone help me with this??? i cant get any sound..
Posted by mikshaw on May 17 2007,20:32
need more info.  What is your sound device?
Try the command dmesg to see if there is a possible error in detection of your hardware.
Most likely you will need to load a specific module for your audio, but this is a guess at this point.

You can change your home directory by editing the dsl line in /etc/passwd, but I don't really see what reason there is to do this.  Do you honestly care what the name of your home directory is? Also, changing your home directory will break some features created specifically for DSL, unless you create a symlink to it named /home/dsl. If you just want to put your home directory on a permanent device, you can use the boot option home=device

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