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started by: gunter

Posted by gunter on May 28 2007,19:13
Hi all,

I have just remastered my DSL version, but i dont know how to make it auto bootable, i have tried change the "syslinux.cfg" TIMEOUT param to 0 but does not work.

1 - There is a cheat that i can add to make DSL autobootable?

2 - What cheats codes are going to be the default in the menu.lst?

3 - Have a way to fix an image at boot time instead all the sysinfos that appear on screen? Not the CD remaster image, i want o put an image after the boot screen.

Thanks a lot.

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on May 28 2007,20:52
I think changing TIMEOUT to 0 will make it infinite.
Try changing the value in "PROMPT 1" to '0'.

See the grub's menu.lst on the original media ( here's a guess: /KNOPPIX/boot/grub/menu.lst )

What do you mean by "fix" an image?
If you mean during the prompt, that's logo.16
If you mean during boot, you can use a bootsplash.  If you just don't want any text output, you can edit linuxrc.

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