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Posted by geomort on July 13 2007,17:54
DSL is better than most distos at getting wireless cards up and running.  The Computer Nomad is challanged on each new machine with chip identity, driver install, and configuring the security.  I can enter my networks 128 bit key from memory now!
The Linksys WGA54G Game Adapter has ended my problems.  Once configured from the onboard Web Utility it plugs into any Ethernet jack and connects to my network.  I had trouble at first pluging it directly into my PC. Even my Windows machine didn't find it.  Consequently, I could not use the Setup Wizard.  The manule is pdf and the setup described is trivial.  First plugging the WGA54G into my router solved everthing.  Entered the adapters IP address, in a brouser, left username blank, and used the default password admin, to access setup.  Keyed in my network settings, apply, and was good to go.  It can now be plugged into any PC, Gamebox, Network printer or router and they are bridged to my wireless network.  The downside is it cost me $108 at Best Buy including tax. They will take it back if not satisfied. More networks in my neighborhood are visible now than with other adapters I have tried.  For good or bad the larger antenna and flexibllity of placement with CAT5 cable improve and extend reception.  I'll have to put it up on the roof one night and see what it can hear.  The manule and spec sheet doesn't mention it but I saw a "shared key" tab in the security set up.  It looks like WAP encryption might be an option.  I have never been able to get anything more sophisticated the WEP to work with linux though others have.  It took my longer to post this message than set up my wireless.

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