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Topic: server donīt start complete
started by: eboxDamn

Posted by eboxDamn on July 22 2007,11:20
Helo! After power off the server without shutdown (power-button pressed by mistake) my server donīt start complete. I become the message on the montor "Using X resoltuion from previously selected or default settings. If You want to change the resolution run"
Then Iīve got he message "xauth: error in looking authority file /home/dsl/.Xauthority"..
then "giving up".
"Xinit: connection refused (errno111): unable to connect to x server"
"xinit: No such process (errno3): Server error"

I have no idea what to do, because I have no linux Know How.
Regards and Thanks

Posted by eboxDamn on July 22 2007,12:03
Iīve got it by myself.- System was readonly. Iīd to mount -n -o and then fsck. Itīs seems to be OK now.

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