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Topic: Mounting NTFS Volumes
started by: mooreted

Posted by mooreted on July 27 2007,21:11
I would like to use DSL as part of my system recovery toolset since it is much lighter than Knoppix.

I can't seem to mount hard drives while running DSL. I open a terminal and do:

sudo mkdir /mnt/windows
sudo mount -t ntfs /dev/hda1 /mnt/windows

Then I get an error: "Bad superblock or unknown fs type"

What am I doing wrong? Wrong /dev/hd*?

Posted by curaga on July 28 2007,07:01
Probably. Try "dmesg | grep hd" to see which partitions are available..
Posted by skaos on July 28 2007,16:12
You may have to load the ntfs module first. Also bear in mind that ntfs support may not be 100% - if you're not going to write to the disk, you can add "-o ro" to the command.
Posted by mooreted on July 30 2007,19:55
Thank you very much. I only need to read from the drives for data restoration purposes. I will give it another shot.

Have a good week.

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