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Topic: linksys befsr41 and dsl linux
started by: steph291

Posted by steph291 on Aug. 14 2007,23:19
hi everyone !

I'm an advanced linux user (not so...)
I'm using dsl Linux for quite sometime (from 0.X releases)
those pc are running as servers (3) and for months
was looking to communicate with my linksys router and
lots of troubles (not stating them, too long to explain).

Finally, found snmpd (installed with apt). 2 services were
installed : snmpd and snmptrapd. you can kill/stop snmpd
and keep smnptrapd running, he's the man :)

Then, as root :
grep @in | tail -f /var/log/messages #inbound
in first xterm session
grep @out | tail -f /var/log/messages #outbound duh
in a second session

at least you have 2 xterm sessions on one desktop.
from there (i'm a c programmer) I could write a .bin
to check ports ... and so on :o
I need some reading before dealing with this but
quite promissing, not ?

my 2 cents
please comments !!!!!!!!!!!!

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