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started by: Divago

Posted by Divago on Oct. 02 2007,11:08
some time ago
(long time ago)

i found in this forum a sample script to auto-start Firefox every 2 seconds if killed or crashed

this was something like
Code Sample
while true
   pidof firefox-bin || /opt/firefox-
   sleep 2
and this script, named "", executed from ".xinitrc", was enough to ensure FF to reboot evrytime i started dsl AND everytime it was close

now i cannot make it start O.o

note that
Code Sample
/home/dsl/ &>/dev/null &
aterm +tr -bg white -fg black -cr blue -T "Bash" -e /bin/bash &>/dev/null &
#dillo /usr/share/doc/dsl/getting_started.html &>/dev/null &
this is how i make script start (cut and pasted from /home/dsl/.xinitrc )
and, ofc, typing /opt/firefox- into aterm window make firefox start

there is anyone here (like the original poster :D ) who can tell me where am i wrong?
tyvm :)

Posted by Divago on Oct. 02 2007,11:12
i solved this problem
was a really really really easy thing

how can i delete my post from forum?

please someone delete this post from forum :)

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