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started by: olan

Posted by olan on Nov. 11 2007,16:08

New to DSL and Linux so please bear with me. I have created a USB bootable DSL and it works great except that I have no idea how to mount the hard drive of the host PC/Laptop (Which is a windows PC). A step by step would be great as I will not understand the linux jargon :-) Also can I save to the USB in order that the saved files will still exist on a reboot.

Thanks in advance,

Posted by curaga on Nov. 11 2007,16:29
Yeah, you can save to the usb.

To mount the host hard drive:
- get to a root terminal
- if it's a windows pc, the HD is most likely /dev/hda1 (check with "fdisk -l /dev/hda")
- "mount /dev/hda1 /mnt/hda1"


- click the drive button in the mount tool, in the lower right corner (the one that says fd0), until it says hda1
- then click the red button. If it turns green, it's now mounted

Posted by roberts on Nov. 11 2007,18:08
If Windows is NTFS then you have read-only access.

You can also mount from file manager emelfm, click on bookmarks on right panel, the display will change showing devices, right click on device, e.g. hda1, and a menu will appear with mount and umount options.

If you are running DSL 4.x you can mount from just about anywhere, right click on any icon and select mount menu option, all drives seen by DSL will be there for you to select (mount) or unselect (umount).

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