VNCvewier to Gnome desktop works like a charm

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Topic: VNCvewier to Gnome desktop works like a charm
started by: dslrgm

Posted by dslrgm on Dec. 21 2007,14:24
This did NOT work in DSL 3.4, but works 'out-of-the-box' with DSL 4.2 (mabe also 4.1) and the jvm desktop (the 'default' desktop for 4.2?).

I installed DSL 4.2.1 frugal on my Libretto 100 notebook.

I pretty much took all defaults.  A little customization for the Libretto's video, and /home/dsl persistents on hda3.  /home/dsl/.desktop has for defaults:

wm: jwm
icons: dfm

On the gnome system (Centos-based in my case), the ~/.vnc/xstartup has:

exec gnome-session &

On my notebook, I just run the vncviewer to my gnome-based server (which, btw has gnome GUI installed, but inittab is running init 3), and I am looking at the gnome desktop for the server.

No fuss, no muss, and only a few Mb memory hit on my notebook, not the 10s of Mb that gnome is taking on the server...

Next I have to see about running vncviewer to the server over SSH (for when I have to access the server over an unsecured link).

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