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started by: jshaw

Posted by jshaw on Feb. 07 2008,05:27
A quick trick to get Firefox to open Gmail in a new tab when you click an email address:

First copy and paste the following into beaver and save as /opt/

Code Sample

firefox -remote "openURL(`echo $1 | sed 's/mailto://'`,new-tab)"

Then open an xterm and type:

chmod 755 /opt/

Then in Firefox, type about:config in the address bar and find the following line:

Double click it and enter /opt/

And that's it, just be sure to add opt/ to /opt/.filetool.lst


Posted by lucky13 on Feb. 12 2008,02:58
I would change
Code Sample

Code Sample

but I don't care to transmit my passwords and cookies in plain text.

< >

edit: or just this link (from the above on)e for a description of how easy it is to capture cookies on a network...
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I also had a second entry related to this.
< >

Why use http at all when sylpheed is excellent for gmail with either POP or IMAP, and using gmail via POP and IMAP requires connecting via SSL?

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