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started by: jaapz

Posted by jaapz on April 08 2008,13:26
Post your torsmo/conky config file here!
Please don't post the default config included in DSL...
Strip the unnecassary comments out of your config before u post!
Oh, and only post the part after "TEXT"

My current config:

Code Sample

${color grey}Host:$color $nodename
${color grey}Kernel:$color GNU/Linux $kernel
${color grey}Uptime:$color $uptime
${color grey}Processes:$color $processes
   ${color grey}Running:$color $running_processes
${color grey}Load:$color $loadavg
${color blue}$hr
${color grey}CPU Usage:$color $cpu%
   ${color grey}$cpubar
${color grey}RAM Usage:$color $mem%
   ${color grey}$membar
${color green}$hr
${color grey}Filesystem:$color /
   ${color grey}Size:$color $fs_size
   ${color grey}Used:$color $fs_used
   ${color grey}Free:$color $fs_free
${color red}$hr
${color grey}Time:$color $time

Posted by Juanito on April 08 2008,13:37
Using conky-1.uci to display wired and wireless data. citytime courtesy of WDef:
${color grey}Wired:
Up:$color ${upspeed eth0} k/s${color grey} - Down:$color ${downspeed eth0} k/s
${color grey}Wireless:
${color grey}Bit Rate: $color ${wireless_bitrate wlan0}
Up:$color ${upspeed wlan0} k/s${color grey} - Down:$color ${downspeed wlan0} k/s
${color blue}$hr
${color grey}Processes:$color $processes
${color grey}CPU Usage:$color $cpu%
        ${color grey}${cpubar 3}
${color grey}RAM Usage:$color $mem/$memmax - $memperc%
        ${color grey}${membar 3}
${color grey}Swap Used:$color $swap/$swapmax - $swapperc%
        ${color grey}${swapbar 3}
${color grey}File systems:
/          $color${fs_free /}/${fs_size /}  
        ${color grey}${fs_bar 3 /}
/home      $color${fs_free /home/dsl}/${fs_size /home/dsl}
        ${color grey}${fs_bar 3 /home/dsl}
${color red}$hr
${color grey}Uptime:   $color $uptime
${color #ddd}Battery:  $color ${battery}
${color #ddd}CPU Freq: $color ${freq_g}GHz
${color #ddd}Temp:     $color ${acpitemp}degC
${color green}$hr$color
$sysname $kernel on $machine
${color grey}Host: $color$nodename ${execi 180 /home/dsl/.torsmo_ip}
${color grey}User: dsl
${color red}$hr
${color grey}$color${execi 45 ~/.citytime 'San Francisco' 'New York' Paris Dubai Singapore Sydney}

Posted by Juanito on April 08 2008,14:59
..or in dsl-n with cpufreqd, you can get more cpu parameters:
${color red}$hr
${color grey}Uptime:   $color $uptime
${color #ddd}Battery:  $color ${battery}
${color #ddd}CPU Temp: $color ${acpitemp} degC
${color grey}CPU Freq: $color ${execi 180 ~/}
${color grey}CPU Govn: $color ${execi 180 ~/}
${color grey}/dev/hda: $color ${execi 180 ~/}
${color green}$hr$color = cpufreq-info -mf | tr -d '\n' = cpufreq-info -p | awk '{printf $3}' = sudo /etc/init.d/laptop-mode status | awk '/drive state is/{printf $4}'

Posted by lucky13 on April 08 2008,15:09
This probably belongs in an apps section, not tips/tricks.
Posted by curaga on April 08 2008,16:18
I would like to see a screenshot along with the config
Posted by lucky13 on April 09 2008,17:15
This is on the laptop so it isn't DSL. Fresh build of conky 1.5.1. Note the jwm at .75% in the conky shot is my own no-frills version; the default Vector version ran between 1% and 1.2%. My conky $color is yellowgreen (to match my current jwm theme which is "cool green" -- flat, no gradient, etc.).

jwm theme: < >
conky shot: < >

Code Sample
$nodename - $sysname $kernel on $machine
${color grey44}Uptime:$color      $uptime
${color grey44}Frequency:$color   $freq Mhz
${color grey44}Temperature:$color ${acpitemp}c
${color grey66}CPU $color${cpubar 4}
${color grey44}CPU Usage:$color  $cpu%
${color grey44}Processes:$color  $processes  ${color grey44}Running:$color $running_processes
${color grey44}Load Averages:$color $loadavg
${color grey66}Memory $color${membar 4}
${color grey44}RAM Usage:$color   $memperc%
${color grey44}Swap Usage:$color   $swapperc%
${color grey44}Buffers:$color     $buffers
${color grey44}Cached:$color      $cached
${color grey66}File systems
${color grey44}/     $color${fs_free /}/${fs_size /} ${fs_bar 6 /}
${color grey44}/home $color${fs_free /home}/${fs_size /home} ${fs_bar 6 /home}
${color grey66}Networking
${color grey44}SSID:$color          ${wireless_essid eth0}
${color grey44}wifi quality:$color  ${wireless_link_qual_perc eth0}%
${color grey44}wifi bitrate:$color  ${wireless_bitrate eth0}
${color grey44}Up:          $color  ${upspeed eth0} k/s
${color grey44}Down:        $color  ${downspeed eth0} k/s
${color grey66}Running
${color grey44}Name               PID   CPU%  MEM%
${color} ${top name 1} ${top pid 1} ${top cpu 1} ${top mem 1}
${color} ${top name 2} ${top pid 2} ${top cpu 2} ${top mem 2}
${color} ${top name 3} ${top pid 3} ${top cpu 3} ${top mem 3}
${color} ${top name 4} ${top pid 4} ${top cpu 4} ${top mem 4}
${color} ${top name 5} ${top pid 5} ${top cpu 5} ${top mem 5}
${color} ${top name 6} ${top pid 6} ${top cpu 6} ${top mem 6}

Posted by jaapz on April 09 2008,20:45
I switched to conky.uci today cos of the more features like the cpugraph, so heres my new config:
Couldnt take a screenshot for some reason, gonna find out why tomorrow xD.

Code Sample
${color lightgrey}Host:$color $nodename
${color lightgrey}Kernel:$color $sysname $kernel
${color lightgrey}Uptime:$color $uptime ${color lightgrey}
Load:$color $loadavg
${color lightgrey}CPU Usage:$color ${cpu}% ${cpubar}
${color black}${cpugraph 000000 5000a0}
${color lightgrey}RAM Usage:$color $mem/$memmax - $memperc% $membar
${color lightgrey}Processes:$color $processes  ${color grey}Running:$color $running_processes
${color lightgrey}File systems:
/ $color${fs_used /}/${fs_size /} ${fs_bar /}
${color}Name              PID     CPU%   MEM%
${color #ddaa00} ${top name 1} ${top pid 1} ${top cpu 1} ${top mem 1}
${color lightgrey} ${top name 2} $color${top pid 2} ${top cpu 2} ${top mem 2}
${color lightgrey} ${top name 3} $color${top pid 3} ${top cpu 3} ${top mem 3}
${color lightgrey} ${top name 4} $color${top pid 4} ${top cpu 4} ${top mem 4}
${color lightgrey} ${top name 5} $color${top pid 5} ${top cpu 5} ${top mem 5}

Posted by lucky13 on April 09 2008,21:13
I switched to conky.uci today cos of the more features like the cpugraph

Why waste CPU cycles and RAM with all that? You get the same "picture" of things with load average.

You Should Know

Conky is generally very good on resources. That said, the more you try to make Conky do, the more resources it is going to consume.

< >


Conky is generally very good on resources. However, certain objects in Conky are harder on resources then others. In particular, the $tail, $top, $font, and $graph objects are quite costly in comparison to the rest of Conky.

If you do use them, please do not complain about memory or CPU usage, unless you think something's seriously wrong (mem leak, etc.).

< >

Posted by jaapz on April 10 2008,20:42
@lucky13: i dont have any high CPU and mem usage, its all the same as with torsmo. while probably CPU will be used way more when more graphs have to be drawn, but i only got 1 ;)
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