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started by: dc529

Posted by dc529 on April 24 2008,16:19
Sorry but i'm new to this, I got a old laptop no HD, no Floppy, no USB,128MB ram, 233Mhz, and a CD-rom I made the CD-rom boot disk. it works great. I always do the command DSL toram for it goes in to the ram. And it loads great then after it loads I put a second CD in with a bunch on .PDF adobe reader files I want to see but no clue how to access them. I goto file and theres cdrom and cdrom2 nether has anyfiles under them. Is there a command or something I have to do it get DSL to refresh info on the Cdrom?? PLease Help
Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on April 24 2008,17:30
You need to mount it before you can access it.
Posted by curaga on April 25 2008,13:08
If you have DSL 4, right click on an icon and select mount
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