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started by: GbMax78

Posted by GbMax78 on Aug. 21 2008,19:34
My old notebook (Digital Hinote VP575) can read only cd-r 650 (not 700) and can't read cd-rw; I have only 2 cd-r 650 and after how i will install DSL ?

I haven't usb, there is a floppy and a pcmcia ethernet card, it is possible to load, as Debian, the image of DSL from another pc with Linux on-board ?


Posted by u2musicmike on Aug. 21 2008,22:25
I haven't tried a LAN installation but I have had good luck taking the harddrive out and using another PC to install.  This might be a bit drastic:  

First try to get DSL going with the CD boot floppy.  Sometimes it is the BIOS that is the problem.

The CD that I got from the DSL web site is very high quality and will boot on some of the PC's that wouldn't boot with one I burned.

Search the forum and the wiki for "poorman" and you will see stuff about floppies and using Tom's root boot disk for a LAN install.

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