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started by: spotslayer

Posted by spotslayer on Aug. 02 2005,12:13
This is a tip I got from kopsis. I cracked my brain for days and this was all I needed. Worth posting here

The 600E with the latest BIOS updates (which I believe you need to run XP) has a BIOS option called "fast boot" or some such thing. What that really does is enable PnP OS support. You need to have that turned off when you boot Linux to have any hope of the sound working.


Posted by AwPhuch on Aug. 03 2005,17:36

Please give more info?

What are you referring to?


Posted by kopsis on Aug. 03 2005,20:51
IBM Thinkpad 600E laptop.
Posted by spotslayer on Aug. 03 2005,22:24
Sorry,  This was the missing piece to get sound working on my thinkpad 600e laptop.


Posted by AwPhuch on Aug. 05 2005,01:36
GOOGLE is your friend

< http://www.mainsheet.org/thinkpad600e/ >


Sound under Linux works very well. Getting it running is a little tricky, but once you get it going it works very well. So, here's some info to help get sound going.
The linux kernel supports the Crystal Audio PnP system of this computer, with the Crystal Audio 4232 drivers (cs4232). Note: The APMd package for download above includes all of the files I'll be mentioning here.
First, you want to set up your BIOS to deal with Linux and the sound card as the script is expecting it. To do this, I have a .bat for Windows or DOS which will run the "ps2" utility, which should be installed on your computer by default. If you have reinstalled Windows since then, you will have to do a custom install of the ThinkPad Utility and be sure to install the DOS version of the utility. This .bat file will also disable the internal modem (it doesn't work under Linux anyway), and enable the IR and serial ports, so edit it to meet your needs.
After configuring your computer to be able to use sound, you should then recompile your kernel under Linux to support the cs4232 sound card. You can use my config file, or just use it as a guideline to configure your own kernel.
After you get the kernel configured, simply run this script to load or unload the modules (sound control start or sound control stop)

< http://jeremy.zawodny.com/misc/thinkpad-600e-sound.html >

Hope that helps


Posted by green on Aug. 05 2005,03:20
it seems that this topic rears is ugly head from time to time....

here is a 5 page post regarding this issue:

< http://damnsmalllinux.org/cgi-bin....4;st=15 >

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