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started by: TheShadowMan

Posted by TheShadowMan on Aug. 18 2005,21:51
Ok I seem to have the back up working or maybe not. I go into the backup put in hda5 which is my fat32 hard drive I want to save to...Now when I click on backup I was under the impression it made a backup /ramdisk/home/dsl.
It does make a file on hda5

At Boot I am putting in the command line Boot: dsl restore=hda5

Now another question is this and I have tried this but have had no luck with it.
Do I need to edit the .filetool.lst or the .xfiletool.lst
or that bootup file .sh forget the correct name sorry

Thank you for your help

Posted by ke4nt1 on Aug. 18 2005,22:14
Running the backup from menu ( where you add the hd5 input )
should make a file called ' backup.tar.gz ' on the partition you

This file contains all the areas listed in the .filetool.lst,
excepting the files named in .xfiletool.lst

i.e.  if 'home/dsl' is in your .filetool.lst --> it copies all
     the contents of /home/dsl to backup.tar.gz
unless: 'home/dsl/Mail' is in your .xfiletool.lst --> then the Mail
folder will NOT be included in the backup of /home/dsl ..


Posted by 100thMonkey on Aug. 30 2005,03:30

I am trying to backup monkey and  php files so that they will load when monkey loads. I already have them in the filetool.lst. Where do I store my httdocs?


Posted by newOldUser on Sep. 05 2005,12:45

Maybe I don't understand your question, but no one else has given you an answer so I'll take a whack at it....  

You can add opt/monkey-0.9.1/htdocs to your filetool.lst

Is that what you were asking?

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