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started by: NettoBr

Posted by NettoBr on Oct. 16 2005,16:02
Hello People,

Want to Test DSL, new version, keep CD Drive available for anything else, etc...

Download .iso DSL image to Your HD, you may rename image to a short name.

Almost there...

you have to boot now...

Option 1 - download floppy boot image, write it down a floppy.

Option 2 - Burn a CD, with image in your hd

Boot your system from the media you choose before.

At boot options type: dsl bootfrom=/dev/hdax/image-name.iso

Ok, now you will have a running DSL...

Knoppix says that file system can be a fat32, ntfs or reiserfs. Mine is Fat32.

Restriction: Kernel of booting media must be the same of .iso on hd.

(Can be modified to work with other media, like usb memory key.)

Thats all for today, folks...

From Brazil, land of beaultiful women and places...


Posted by aran on Oct. 27 2005,20:56
Hello !

I have just downloaded dsl-2.0RC1.iso from the ibiblio server on my hda0 Linux Partition in the Root directory.

I have also downloaded the boot floppy Image bootfloppy-2.x.img and burned it on the Floppy.

The files i have downloaded it from here.
< ftp://ftp.belnet.be/packages/damnsmalllinux/release_candidate/ >

Everytime i type on the boot prompt
dsl bootfrom=/dev/hda0/image-name.iso
to boot this ISO Image from my Harddisc partition
the DSL Boot floppy fail to find my ISO Image to boot from.
I have even rename it to simple "dsl.iso" to avoid some type errors.

I would like to use this great possibility to boot DSL.
It's exaclty what i want.
Can somebody tell me what is wrong.
Could it be maybe that i have downloaded the false Iso image.
There is a another iso image called

Maybe the version of DSL which i have downloaded is also wrong.

Thanks in advance for a sucessfull help.

Posted by NettoBr on Oct. 29 2005,21:23
dsl bootfrom=/dev/hda0/image-name.iso

Hello Aran,

Is DSL image in root dir of the first partition of first disk?

Try: dsl bootfrom=/dev/hda1/dsl.iso

and be carefull with upper case.

Hope you enjoy DSL.


Posted by cbagger01 on Oct. 30 2005,06:09
I think you still need to have the DSL livecd inserted as part of the booting process.

In other words, if you want to do a bootfrom=/dev/hda1/dsl.iso

You need



boot floppy + livecd

Then it will switch over to the hard drive ISO file after the initial bootup.

However, just

boot floppy

will not work because the boot floppy does not contain all of the files needed to do a "bootfrom ISO" style bootup.

So give it another try, but this time have the livecd inserted at the start of the booting process.

Posted by NettoBr on Oct. 30 2005,16:53
Hello all,

Whats the use o Boot Diskette, only to boot on old MB without CD Boot???

I hate Dskt`s. The way I use it is bootfrom=/dev/hda5/dsl20.iso, or better toram from live CD and then i have CD Drive available for other use, and no VUUUU noise from drive.

Now I`ve booted from Win XP WIndow and its almost good (usefull) in my P4 1.8 512 Mb Ram.

Does Anybody know where I can find Accelerator for Win QEMU? I`ve found for Linux but not for Win.

Nice to meet you all


Posted by cbagger01 on Oct. 31 2005,17:41
That is the main purpose of the boot diskette.  To boot on an old MB that does not support CD boot.
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