got the info u wanted   noob here please help!!!!

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Topic: got the info u wanted   noob here please help!!!!
started by: NAPALm

Posted by NAPALm on Nov. 01 2005,23:40
ok  i have now done a hd install of   dsl and still cant figure out how to download files off the net and install them , what  aplication do i need to install files or  programs ,? i am running dsl on a amd 3000+ with 512 ram the reason is  because i recently fried my harddrive and dont have the money to replace it at the  moment  , so i found an old 1200mb drive ,and decided to use dsl on this untill i can replace the drive , but i need to be able to download files/progs off the net and be able to install them eh LOL,  but  besides the issues i'm having DSL rocks!! :)  and when using the <toram> option    its super fast !!!!!       :)  this is the error i get when  i try ro dowlload files off the  net            < whatever file  >   could not   be  opened because the associated  helper  application does not  exist change the association in your   preferences .
Posted by brianw on Nov. 02 2005,02:38
Have you tried to right click on the file (brings up a menu) and do a "Save As".  If you just do a regular click your browser will probably just try to open it (you should be able to change this in preferences but doing a save as is quite easy).
Posted by NAPALm on Nov. 02 2005,21:22
no what  i mean is i cant ,  open ,run or install files off the  net  cuase i get that  error  , or if i try to install it just does  nothing , i cant  dl and install anything off the net , its pissing me  off  , do i need a aplication to install things  or what a installer ??????  IDK  i just   want to be able  to grab files off the net and be able to use / install them , whats the deal shouldnt be so hard LOL!!!!  hit me back !!!  I HATE  WEARING THE  NOOB LABLE :angry:   anyway  please    help TY !!!!!!!
Posted by Your Fuzzy God on Nov. 02 2005,23:01
Are you trying to install .exe files?  exe files are compiled for the Window$ operating system, not Linux.  They won't run.  Any software you used in Window$ probably has a free Linux counterpart.
Posted by usul on Nov. 06 2005,10:49

Your Fuzzy God is right NAPALm.

Linux applications are usually deployed in a package particular to the Distro. DSL uses the .dsl package for applications that are prepared for use in DSL. You can also use the .tar.gz files by running a command from a terminal on them. The applications websites will have install instructions most of the time.

You can install applications on DSL from the My DSL app. Also you could install Synaptec to access a massive repository of Debian applications, although I have had lots of trouble trying to install stuff from Synaptec. Synaptec is on the fluxbox menu.

I hope this helps


Posted by d4ni3l on Nov. 06 2005,17:00
Downloaded Opera as a tar.gz file and couldn't install it either.
Couldn't install firefox as well

Posted by adssse on Nov. 07 2005,01:34
Opera and firefox are both available as mydsl extensions.
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