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started by: jbully

Posted by jbully on Nov. 07 2005,13:41
I wanna run some apps change some things on a usb key install of this, but I cant access root, whats the root password, I have no idea, what it could be or how to change it.

Thanks for any help


Posted by chickenman on Nov. 07 2005,13:52
To access root when in a shell simply type "sudo su", this gives you root shell. If you type "sudo [command]" it will run the command as root (note that you dont actually type in the square brackets). To run an application as root just start it when in root shell etc. (obvious)

To change a root password type "sudo passwd" and enter a password when prompted.

Hope my comments help and are accurate for you.


Posted by jbully on Nov. 07 2005,13:56
chickenman, comments most helpful thanks very much
:)  :laugh:

Posted by chickenman on Nov. 07 2005,14:10

Note that if you wanted to change the password for another user you can also use the passwd command after just put the username (ie default "dsl" user), but you must have correct privelages to do so etc. This is probably useful to anyone trying to configure Betaftp -it can be quite an evil little deamon sometimes...

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