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started by: mustang335

Posted by mustang335 on Nov. 10 2005,01:39
This is something I just discovered. Maybe its not so new but its new to me and I thought I would share it. If you burn your DSL from ISO's in K3B  in multisession , you can store all the dsl programs on the rest of the disk for storage and even add to it . When burning ISO's in K3B go to tools,select cd,select burn cd image,select advanced and select start multisession. When ISO is burnt you go in again and ck continue multisession and add the programs you want to save. When you boot to the cdrom press F2 and print dsl toram. The dsl will be stored in Ram allowing you to accrss the cd through /mnt/auto/cdrom and ustilize the programs there. No need to waste a 700mb disk for a 50mb operating system . Thanks again, this is one cool operating system. Marty
Posted by brianw on Nov. 10 2005,17:11
I think this only works if your cdrom supports multi session reading.  If you are using the same cdrom you burn with then you are probably safe (not sure though with older burners).  If you are burning in a burner and booting from an older cdrom then this may not work.  Most newer cdroms should work but DSL is good for older hardware and this may not work for everyone (just wanted to clarfiy in case people burn at work or friends and can't get it to work at home).  Many older cdroms only recognize the last session (this is one way cds work that have audio for regular audio players and data on them.  the cd player only recognizes the last session while the multi session reader, in the computer, sees the first, or data, session first).
Posted by prydera on Nov. 27 2005,22:48
I looked at what you did, and figured I'd try it out.  Rather than run it as a multi-session CD, I tried editing the ISO instead.  I used the free version of MagicISO, which limits you to editting ISO only under 300meg.  Since I had intended to burn to a pocket CD-R, this would work out just fine.  
    Using MagicISO, I added a directory called "packages" to the image file, and copied the packages I wanted to it.  Saved the work, burned the ISO, and rebooted under linux rather than winblows.  Since I am a linux newbie, and do not yet know how to ensure all of the paths and mount points are set right, I used the included file manager and double clicked the packages I needed to load.  Works like a champ, and beats the hell out of carrying around the second cd full of packages like I have been doing.
    Seems to me that an easier option would be to use the mkMyDSL function, but I am still trying to get that one to work properly for me.

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