How DSL as VM with VMWare ???

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Topic: How DSL as VM with VMWare ???
started by: Miri

Posted by Miri on Nov. 11 2005,09:37

I'm looking for a damn small linux, running on a virtual (VMWare) machine. Just read about it in another thread but didn't work.

Is there anybody with a link for a ready downloadable VM with DSL ?


Kind regards


Posted by MethodOne on Nov. 11 2005,18:25
Here's the links to the DSL images for VMware:

Links removed.

Posted by ke4nt1 on Nov. 11 2005,21:48
I've had a chance to run the image here, and use the textfile,
with the DSL iso image, in the other vmware thread.

This seems to install/run as an image of a HDInstalled DSL system.

Using the other thread's text file, with the iso image of DSL,
works more like the LiveCD/Pendrive does..

I like being able to get the boot prompt, and choosing to
have persistancy, toram, mydsl, choose WM, ..
..with every bootup..

DSL runs very well in toram mode, with the vmware player.
( assuming you have enough ram to feed it. )

Try them both, and see which one fits your needs best.


Posted by Miri on Nov. 14 2005,10:06


thanks for the link. The only thing missing is the root-pw.
Could you please provide it to me ?

Thanks a lot.

Kind regards


Posted by Your Fuzzy God on Nov. 14 2005,20:32
I believe the passwords are just "password"

Good Luck,

Posted by Miri on Nov. 15 2005,09:54
@Your Fuzzy God

Thanks a lot password worked.

Kindest regards


Posted by Tom B on Nov. 20 2005,16:56
First let me say that DSL rocks!  it's exactly what I like to use...
small footprint and easy to update and solid dev tools available.

Is there anyway of get the HD VMWare image but with 512MB
image instead of 256MB?  Thx!

Posted by hudson on Dec. 06 2005,14:39
Just create a VMware virtual machine with the Wizard.  Then modify the CDROM settings to point to the downloaded DSL ISO image.
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