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started by: fed

Posted by fed on Nov. 16 2005,20:59
i have found dsl a great distro...i work with it a lot... quick start, allways recognizing video resolution in every box i have try it on...

now, i īd like to go further with the installation of kde. i changed dsl repositories and added debian sarge ones, then run apt-get update, and apt-get install kde...all went smooth...but after booting, and after giving root and password, the default dsl desktop appears.

as you read this you will know i am not a linux geek...maybe you could help me. thanks fed.

Posted by _SD_Keo on Nov. 16 2005,22:52
hiss eww kde. flux is the best there is.
And note this is not a "Help me" section.
Lock it up.

Posted by SaidinUnleashed on Nov. 16 2005,23:03
DSL is a minimalist distro, designed to run in very light resources.

KDE is quite the antithesis of this idea - it's fat, heavy, and slow, even on my 2ghz box. Not to mention all the other QT apps it will try to install.

Even if you manage to get KDE started, you will have to go through and MANUALLY configure EVERY menu, dialog, setup tool, administrative wizard, etc, probably even the panel, because DSL does not use Debian's automatic menu setup scripts, internal configuration scripts, services, or even the same X server.

If you want KDE, for it's supposed "functionality" and "ease of use" you probably want another distro. DSL really is not designed to work with KDE/Gnome.

If you are just one of those people that just likes to see if they can get something to work, I'd suggest that you head over to the KDE site and get familiar with how the innards of KDE work, how they work together, and know how to set them up by hand if necessarry, before you get too frustrated trying to get it working in DSL.

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