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Topic: arrange icons on desktop
started by: ghartl1

Posted by ghartl1 on Nov. 20 2005,15:06

is there a way to arrange the icons on the desktop??
besides...what about doubleclick?

any tips wouls be nice

greetings gŁnter

Posted by roberts on Nov. 20 2005,17:40
You need to state which version as changes have been made in this area and more changes to come.

Look at the text file /home/dsl/.xtdesktop/xtdeskrc
If you set Cols to 0 then the X and Y positions will be honored.
Using the right click on any icon and select properties you can set the X and Y positions. You can adjust Cols and the other table Layout section values to achieve other auto positioning schemes.

I have double or single click working and will be made available soon. It will be controlled via the ClickInterval.
This together with Cols 0 will allow dragging icons Stay tuned.

Posted by davide on Nov. 22 2005,11:06
cool info!
beside,I suppose that a noicons/icons loop via menu would reset the situation, in case you mess up, would it?

Posted by ghartl1 on Nov. 22 2005,16:36
sounds promising

thanks gŁnter

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