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Topic: Using DSL to install sarge
started by: Bob489

Posted by Bob489 on Nov. 25 2005,19:26
I have aqcuired a computer that has a broken on board video card...

I remastered an older version of dsl to boot, start sshd, and it has preset passwords.

Using this, i can install dsl.. but i'm trying to get sarge on there

I have loaded this bootable cdrom, ssh into it and used apt to install debootstrap.

I did something like this:

debootstrap sarge /mnt/hda1

it grabs all the packages but seems to use the dpkg structure that is on the cdrom... when i chroot in, and try to nano some config files they are all empty and nano says it is a new file...

I think this is beacause the proc wasn't mounted on the targe drive when these things were installed.... also some of the text that seems to go by indicates that it is trying to install to the dsl dpkg structure....I'm lost

can anyone help me with this? google doesn't seem to have an answer (ohh nooo!).

I know dsl is great... but i'm looking to run sarge with a newer kernel so i can set up a nice router and firewall with this box that i got for free....

also, i'm not sure.. but a debootstrap my dsl package would deff be a plus... the debian project would prob love that (maybe i will look into that myself)

Thanks in advance,


UPDATE- debootstrap creates symlinks to some files... this is what was causing the errors i was having..

Just having some problems getting a kernel to install and boot properly...

I'm sure a debian installer as a dsl package would be a great idea... something to work on in the future i guess

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