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started by: mou

Posted by mou on Dec. 03 2005,04:55
Ok all of you sorry for my english is very very bad.

I was trying to lear how to make a LiveCd and i hear about DSL  and when i try it was great... but i havent found where i can put and repleace packages and  stuf.. and then get a new DSL with less o more stuff in it..  i hear many times about something called remastering .. not even in the FAQ i found anything about it..

any help will be very cool from your guys...

sorry if this is not hte place to post this things.. but i think tthat the forumm needs a link called "very newbies" so we havent to boder you guys..


Posted by cbagger01 on Dec. 03 2005,05:31
Try checking out the DSL wiki for more information.

Or you can search the forums for topics like remastering:

The search button kinda works, but the search methods are nonstandard vs. google-like searches.

For example, all searches should be done specified ALL FORUMS and FROM THE BEGINNING or NEWER

and the keyword syntax is OR based instead of AND based.

So if you search for

cat dog

you will get all "cat" posts, all "dog" posts and all "cat dog" posts.  Also, partial wildcard searches must be specified too.

Here is an example of a good keyword search:

cat* AND dog*

This will only find results that contain both "cat" and "dog" but because of the "*", it will also find "cats" and "dogs"

Hope this helps.

Posted by linyiji on Dec. 04 2005,18:35
Please check this, there are some helpful documents

< >

Posted by mou on Dec. 08 2005,02:35
Hello guys thanks.... for all your help..!! i really works..i will post some new stuff early
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