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Topic: dsl booting problem from cd
started by: coldraider

Posted by coldraider on Dec. 04 2005,14:31
i found dsl from another site. a file named current.iso
i wrote that file to a cd with nero cd burner as a bootlable cd but when i boot my computer from cd a dr-dos screen comes. i couldnt understand anything. and i dunno where i did wrong. can anyone tell me that how and which files of dsl i must write to cd as bootable. dr-dos screens language was german. pls help me how i can and which files i must write to the cd
note:i wonder if dsl has a gcc compiler in it

Posted by mikshaw on Dec. 04 2005,14:55
You have the correct file, but the incorrect method of burning.  If you burn the CD "as a bootable cd" in nero, the result will be a CD containing the ISO, but no operating system to boot.

The ISO already has boot informtion embedded into it, so you must burn it AS A CD IMAGE rather than putting it onto a typical bootable data CD.    Different software has different methods of doing this, but in Nero i think it is "File -> Burn Image".

Posted by coldraider on Dec. 04 2005,15:03
thank for your help and what that dr-dos means when i boot my computer with wrong dsl cd:D
Posted by mikshaw on Dec. 04 2005,15:17
When you create a bootable CD instead of burning as an image, Nero creates a boot sector on the CD (el torito, i think) using DR-DOS.  This is the same DOS system used to allow applications such as Partition Magic to run from a floppy disk so that you don't need to have a DOS or Windows system running on your machine.  Linux does not typically use DOS to boot, however, and DSL & other Linux ISOs already include a boot sector.
Posted by coldraider on Dec. 04 2005,15:18
thanks buddy :)
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