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started by: flyboy94ca

Posted by flyboy94ca on Jan. 10 2006,05:20
I am using madwifi from the testing area with a DWLG650 card on an old Dell Laptop. It worked once on one network but now it does not work at all. When I run /opt/ as root the all the modules exist but I get the response of "wlanconfig: ioctl: Invalid argument".
Any ideas or suggestions?

Thank You

Posted by flyboy94ca on Jan. 11 2006,06:40
Also when I load my network specifics into the boot comand the card tries to connect but always comes up with ath0 operation failed. In addition as soon as the Madwifi extension is loaded onto the computer, when I shut down or restart there are a series of the word error down the sceen.
Secondly when I exicute the command 'iwlist ath0 scanning' sometimes the network shows up as it should but more often an error occurs with the ath0 not detected.

Any Ideas. Im out.

Posted by roberts on Jan. 11 2006,13:14
And it should be discussed in the testng are
Posted by doobit on Jan. 11 2006,15:38
How are you loading the madwifi.dsl? What type of install?
Posted by flyboy94ca on Jan. 13 2006,09:13
I am loading onto the hard drive after a complete HDD reformat and clean install. I am using the grub loader. I have made sure after several attemts to try the wireless conection before anything else is installed at all.
Posted by flyboy94ca on Jan. 17 2006,04:38
Sorry. I am loading the Madwifi package as recomended in the DSL help area for loading th extrensions. e.g., wget and the madwifi dsl then adding to my 'mydsl' in the emelfm.
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