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started by: roberts

Posted by roberts on Jan. 22 2006,07:22
The extensions continue to arrive!  :D  Now posted in the testing area:

Check them out and post results here in the community section of the forums.

Posted by roberts on Jan. 24 2006,19:35
And even more...


Posted by roberts on Jan. 24 2006,22:54
gwc.uci, audio-tools.uci, and disksearch.uci pulled due to maker's request.
Posted by roberts on Jan. 28 2006,04:37
... even more keep rolling in ...


Check them out they are at the top of the heap in the testing area < here >

Thanks to the makers for contributing these to the community.

Posted by mikshaw on Jan. 29 2006,16:52
Another note about icewm.uci...

This is an update of the package uploaded just a couple of weeks ago.  It updates to version 1.2.24 (which was released just after the 1.2.23 mydsl package was made) and fixes some issues i was having with the previous package. So, if you recently downloaded icewm.uci you might want to re-download.

mc.uci was built between the time mc was removed from DSL and the time it was decided to put it back in.  I continued working on it, though, because it has some features not available in DSL's mc.

Please test them out and post if you have any problems.  I'm particularly interested in hearing about any issues with icewm...i'm new to it, so it's quite possible that i've overlooked something.

Posted by captainpotato on Feb. 01 2006,08:52
Quote (mikshaw @ Jan. 29 2006,21:52)
Please test them out and post if you have any problems.

I have an issue with firefox-1.5.uci that may be obvious, but it's not to me. I have downloaded it and saved it in my persistent myDSL directory. When I boot, the system indicates that it is included with the other myDSL apps. However, I cannot run it as the link on the desktop (not surprisingly) is for the included version of Firefox, and I cannot find it to run elsewhere. All other myDSL apps have icons on the desktop, but not this one.

Like I said, it might be obvious, but it isn't to me :P

EDIT: damn, I open my mouth and then I solve it *blush* (how often do I do this during the course of a day?). For anybody else having an issue with this - just look in the /opt/ folder :)

Posted by plinej on Feb. 01 2006,13:11
Sorry, I don't use icons so I made it without an icon. All the extensions I make you'll need to access them from the fluxbox menu. You don't have to go to the opt directory to open it up just right click on the desktop and select the app from the mydsl menu.
Posted by MethodOne on Feb. 01 2006,23:07
opengl-libs.dsl also works with my ZSNES 1.42 extension.  No need for xfree86.
Posted by mikshaw on Feb. 02 2006,03:00
Did you look in the menu under "MyDSL"?
*.tar.gz and *.uci mydsl extensions are installed into /opt/program_name, not in the standard program locations.  This is to allow installation without affecting the base system.  The downside is that the firefox uci executable is most likely /opt/firefox/bin/firefox, or something similar, which is not in your path.

If there isn't a menu item or icon, you'll need to do one of the following in order to run it (I'm assuming the executable is /opt/firefox/bin/firefox):

1) Use the full path to the executable.
2) cd into /opt/firefox/bin/ and start it from there.
3) Create a symlink to the executable, placed in a directory in your PATH:
    ln -s /opt/firefox/bin/firefox /somedirectory
4) Add /opt/firefox/bin to the beginning of your PATH variable:
5) Create an alias of the full path to the executable:
    alias firefox=/opt/firefox/bin/firefox

Number 3 can be tricky when you have 2 executables with the same name...the one found first in $PATH will be the one used.

Posted by RoGuE_StreaK on Feb. 03 2006,00:02
RE: WINE, I can't get it to setup, I'm running a frugal of 2.1b with persistent /home and /opt, the fluxbox menu options don't bring anything up, and when going to the directory via commandline and running winecfg, I can't figure out how to set the C drive, or what exactly it should be set to?  Everything says it can't find c:\windows...
Any tips on this should probably be added to the info file?

Posted by plinej on Feb. 03 2006,01:10
If you're using the wine uci I made that's in the testing repository than all you should have to do after you mount the extension is choose "WINE winecfg" from the fluxbox menu. A box should pop up and you should set the configurations however you'd like and apply the settings. If you click on the "Drives" tab you can click on "Autodetect" and then "Apply" and you should be good to go. The wine executable is at /opt/wine-20050524/wine

Hope that helps.

Posted by RoGuE_StreaK on Feb. 03 2006,01:51
It "should", but it doesn't.  None of the menu options work in my case.
As for the autodetect etc., I get errors saying "unable to define devicename "C:\" (etc), target path (wherever).
Shouldn't the C be pointing to somewhere like my persistent home?  Autodetect sets it to floppy, which isn't helpful, especially considering the fact that this laptop doesn't have a floppy drive...

Posted by plinej on Feb. 03 2006,01:59
Hmm, weird. Works flawlessly for me on a 2.1b frugal install. My C: is set to "../drive_c" which is actually inside of the /home/dsl/.wine directory. Has anyone else tried this extension?
Posted by RoGuE_StreaK on Feb. 03 2006,04:10
I saw that directory in home, and tried to specifically point the drive map to it, but it wouldn't let me... I believe it came up with the same error as stated in my last post, unable to define devicename.
Posted by captainpotato on Feb. 03 2006,14:25
Quote (mikshaw @ Feb. 02 2006,08:00)
Did you look in the menu under "MyDSL"?

What, and think of the obvious? ;)

Thanks for your suggestions - I'll give that a shot over the weekend, now that I've fixed up a problem I'd created whilst doing something else (that, unless I solve the problem, will be posted as well at some stage ;) )

Posted by plinej on Feb. 03 2006,17:55
Rogue_Streak, If you want to send me an e-mail I can forward my .wine directory to you to see if that will do the trick. Otherwise did you do a md5check on the wine uci?

plinej2 AT sbcglobal DOT net

Posted by mikshaw on Feb. 17 2006,21:33
The info file fails to mention an important part of getting the subshell to work.

It says to "chmod 664 /dev/ptmx" and add dsl to group 'tty', but i forgot that /dev/ptmx is owned by root.root instead of root.tty, so in addition to that you'd also need to "chown root.tty /dev/ptmx".

Here's what I have in bootlocal.sh to get it working properly:
Code Sample
usermod -G staff,dialout,fax,voice,cdrom,floppy,tape,sudo,audio,dip,video,games,users,usb,tty dsl
chmod 664 /dev/ptmx
chown root.tty /dev/ptmx

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