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started by: roberts

Posted by roberts on Feb. 05 2006,00:53
The first batch of new extensions has now been posted!
Check them out. There are the top of the < heap. >

Posted by jls legalize on Feb. 05 2006,20:46
I've made amsn-tcltk-0.95.dsl u can download < here >
Posted by jls legalize on Feb. 09 2006,17:58
also ultramixer-java-2.0.4-ver2.dsl from the same webpage above
Posted by roberts on Feb. 16 2006,23:31
Both amsn-tcltk-0.95.dsl and ultramixer-java-2.0.4-ver2.dsl are now posted in the testing area of the repository. Thanks jls legalize !
Posted by botbotdingzip on Feb. 18 2006,08:06
Quote (jls legalize @ Feb. 05 2006,15:46)
I've made amsn-tcltk-0.95.dsl u can download < here >

I was hoping for a full featured amsn that made use of the Snack library so it had sound. I tried running it as per info, but it dies on execution. Any ideas?? Oh yep, I have the latest distro with the older kernel and frugal install. Cheers
Posted by mikshaw on Feb. 18 2006,15:20
The info file says it needs tcltk-8.4.uci.  This extension does not install wish into your path, so you may need to adjust your PATH variable to add /opt/tcltk-8.4/bin

Try starting amsn from an x terminal to see what errors it produces.

Posted by jls legalize on Feb. 18 2006,16:36
I made a second version of amsn that fixes the error if u use persistent opt.
Unfortunately I didn't add sounds.

I also made azureus

both are on my < webpage >

Posted by jls legalize on Feb. 20 2006,15:16
nerolinux- ready for download < here >

legalize cannabis

Posted by JB4x4 on Feb. 22 2006,03:44
< madwifi-ng-2.4.26.dsl >

These modules were compiled for the 2.4.26 kernel from recent Madwifi-ng sources.  They should support more of the newer Atheros chips.  More info can be found at
< http://madwifi.org/wiki/ngFeatures >

Note: Basically the same as roberts madwifi.dsl extension for the 2.4.31 kernel (DSL 2.0-2.1b)

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