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started by: roberts

Posted by roberts on May 13 2006,22:42
Another round of cool extensions. Some new. Some updates.
Check them out. Read their .info files.

1. consolefonts.uci
2. evilwm.uci
3. sgi-fonts.tar.gz
4. sox.uci
5. flex-bison-libtool.dsl
6. cvs.dsl

Thanks to all makers for their contributions.

Posted by Winter Knight on May 17 2006,18:42
I have a couple of extensions too.

john-, John the Ripper

Until they appear on the official board, you can find them here:

< http://funky.chipscomputers.info/DSL >

Posted by mikshaw on May 17 2006,21:15
Known issues:

setfont.sh in consolefonts.uci needs work, although it does basically what it says it does.  The current version that I have at home now uses whiptail instead of a for-do loop and includes the beginnings of keymap support, but the mydsl will not be updated until I have a better understanding of how keymaps and unicode maps relate to console fonts.

soxmix in sox.uci has trouble combining mp3s. At this time i'm not sure if it's a bug in the program or if it's my fault.

Xtdesk icons are buggy in evilwm.  Again, I don't know the cause of this yet.

Posted by yeti on May 17 2006,22:47

1.   I couldn't locate the sgi-fonts.  Looked in mydsl and ibiblio.

2.   Any true-type fonts anywhere?  Would really like mstt or bitstream for Firefox.


Posted by mikshaw on May 18 2006,01:55
The SGI fonts package is in the "testing" directory of myDSL, as is everything posted in the "testing area" forum =o)

I have never done any truetype font packages for DSL because i don't think DSL supports them natively.  artwiz, sgi, lfp-fixed, and terminus are all collections of bitmap fonts, and the console fonts cannot be used in X (or at least i don't know how to use them in X).  Honestly I've never even tried to use truetype, opentype, or type1 fonts in DSL, so i have no idea what extra libs they require.  It could be that all you need is a little configuration tweaking, or maybe you need some additional stuff from XFree86 or Xorg.

Posted by jls legalize on May 21 2006,00:03
I've made eciadsl-0.11.dsl that are drivers for Globespan chipset-based  ADSL USB modems. I sent to extensions at damnsmalllinux org, until they publish u can find this drivers < here >.

legalize cannabis and the others

Posted by jls legalize on May 21 2006,15:48
changed from eciadsl-0.11.dsl to eciadsl-usermode-0.11.dsl cause there is also a kernel mode in alpha
Posted by jls legalize on May 21 2006,20:38
fixed skype that is in the testing area cause the icon command is wrong, u can dowload < here >

legalize cannabis, etc

Posted by jls legalize on May 22 2006,09:14
The eciadsl team added eciadsl-usermode-0.11.dsl togheter with the package for the other distros on
< eciadsl site >

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