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started by: roberts

Posted by roberts on May 26 2006,23:18
New extensions in the testing area.

1. abc.dsl
2. no-ip.dsl
3. eciadsl-usermod-0.11.dsl
4. john-
5. nmap-4.03.uci

Read their info files for more.
Thanks to all who contributed.

Also, please note:
I have moved many extensions out of testing into the other categories.

Posted by roberts on May 29 2006,06:18
The last of the May bunch.

1. Skype with fixes
2. tuxrip.uci
3. xvid4conf-gtk2.dsl
4. steghide.uci

Check them out. Read the info files.
Many interesing extensions submitted.
Thanks to all for your contributions.

Posted by humpty on May 29 2006,08:23
new gcc1 is cool. :D
Posted by WDef on May 29 2006,09:21
tuxrip.uci and xvid4conf.dsl are not much use without mplayer-1.0pre8cvs.uci which contains mplayer, mencoder, transcode, oggmtools and other stuff.

Robert probably missed it amidst the hurly burly of his inbox.  Pending posting it can be downloaded here, may have to wait as they delay downloads for non paying, non toolbar users, sorry

< >

Posted by roberts on May 29 2006,22:23
Here is the final May extensions.

1. mplayer-1.0pre8cvs.uci ( As mentioned above. )
2. amaya.uci
3. abc.dsl ( an update )

Thanks to all who the time to make and share these with the Community.

Posted by ZoOp on May 30 2006,07:05

thanks a lot!! Very nice job! no-ip.dsl is great.

I just have a question with skype in the Testing area:

when trying to myDSL it, I get the error: tar: could not replace old files (I had skype 0.93 first installed). Does it mean, that I have to delete the old skype files in the /home/dsl/.skype repository?

thanks a lot for your advices.

Posted by Winter Knight on June 05 2006,01:55
Okay, these aren't may extensions, but I thought everyone would want to know that firefox has finally been updated. We won't have to worry about being vulnerable to published security flaws for another month or so. Until it is in the official repository, you can find it here:

< >

Web browsers choke on the md5 and info files; I think my server is sending bad headers. wget will retrieve any of these files, though.

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