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started by: roberts

Posted by roberts on Aug. 30 2006,20:13
Better late than at all. Sorry for the delay...
But with two RCs  and ibiblio being down,
this has been a very busy month for me.

Anyway... I have posted the following new extensions.
Thanks goes to those who take the time to share these with the community.


As usual please read the info files for requirements before you attempt to run these.

Posted by roberts on Sep. 01 2006,00:48
One more to close out August.


Posted by WDef on Sep. 01 2006,10:39
Hi Robert - you seem to have missed out a few I sent you:


Posted by mikshaw on Sep. 01 2006,12:40
You may want to look closely at the Xnview license.  It's apparently not displayed on the web site, but it looks to me like it might not be a redistributable program.
Posted by WDef on Sep. 01 2006,18:53
I wondered the same thing Mik.

Which is why I got the author's permission to distribute xnview as a uci for dsl before posting:

< >

Thanks, all the same.


Posted by WDef on Sep. 01 2006,19:24
Ahhhh ... I've noticed 'find' isn't working in scite.uci.

There's a fix.  Add the following to /home/dsl/

Code Sample

It turns out this also fixes the 'open highlighted file' feature without fiddling with the encoding menu.

Character sets other than english will need other settings here, don't ask me what.

I'll rebuild to include this in the default user properties file and repost at some stage.

Posted by mikshaw on Sep. 01 2006,19:42
Which is why I got the author's permission to distribute xnview as a uci for dsl before posting
awesome =o)

Posted by WDef on Sep. 05 2006,23:27
The plot thickens with Scite.uci.

While it seems that setting
Code Sample

does fix 'find', it also disables copy & pasting into a shell with the mouse button.

Now - I've found setting
Code Sample
instead fixes this, but disables 'find' ! (At least for me).

I've looked at the scite mail list, and  there have been a lot of similar problems with pasting etc reported since 2003, on gtk1.  Also, copy and pasting between scite and certain apps (I remember scite and dillo copy and pasting issues ...).

The developer doesn't seem to have any problems - he is using gnome and gtk2.

I may try an earlier version, will lose some features.

Posted by WDef on Sep. 14 2006,18:48
Now fixed - kindly ignore the above.

The problem was one of paths. Rebuilt with prefix=/opt/scite/usr, made =/opt/scite/usr/bin in advance, and aok.

Nothing gives any indication that scite wanted to run from there and not from /opt/scite/bin

Sending rebuild now.

Posted by WDef on Sep. 14 2006,20:02
If anyone is in hurry to try xnview.uci, pending posting in the repo it can be dowloaded here:

< >

f5a69aa9080610f1fe9407cad06303e9  xnview.uci

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