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started by: roberts

Posted by roberts on Oct. 02 2006,22:08
A new version of wine,
wine-0.9.22, both .dsl and .unc
are now in the testing area.

Thanks goes to JB4X4

Posted by roberts on Oct. 04 2006,05:22
lighttpd.uci is now posted in testing.

Thanks to mikshaw.

Posted by roberts on Oct. 05 2006,17:48
More from user mikshaw:

These were "lost" but now are "found". Scroll down to Sept 10 to see them

Thanks mikshaw..

Posted by WDef on Oct. 07 2006,10:03
I'm still having problems with scite.uci version 1.69 so I suggest downgrading to version 1.54, which I'm forwarding.

Meanwhile for a short time it can be downloaded < here >

356a65da2c7a8cb617d7e2c8f408c8a0 *scite.uci

I think v1.54 was the last that used gtk1 by default.

Posted by roberts on Oct. 16 2006,16:34
scite.uci version 1.54 now posted in testing.

Thanks WDef

Posted by roberts on Oct. 16 2006,16:35
p7zip-4.42.dsl now posted in testing.

Thanks to ^thehatsrule^

Posted by roberts on Oct. 16 2006,16:37

Are both now in the testing area.

Thanks to clacker

Posted by WDef on Oct. 17 2006,11:26
BTW I forgot to mention - if people have tried the scite v1.69 uci, they should delete the ~/.SCiTEUserProperties file before launching the replacment scite v1.54.

The two versions use different (incompatible) syntax for some options in this file.

Posted by roberts on Oct. 17 2006,20:16
fltk.uci now posted in testing.

Thanks to mikshaw

Posted by roberts on Oct. 20 2006,19:34
An interesting new extension. Itialian translation of some of our scripts. See the info file for more.


Thanks to jls_legalize

Posted by mikshaw on Oct. 22 2006,19:48
xnview.uci works quite well.  I'm happy to be able to see animated gifs again without having to load a specialized application =o)

One issue I've seen with it, though it seems like it might be a bug within the program rather than a problem with the uci package...
The program crashes when you choose Options -> View -> File list

Posted by WDef on Oct. 27 2006,12:33
xnview.uci - yeah the conversion features are interesting too, though I still use Imagemagick.uci to (eg) resize jpegs into icons. File list crash:  I've been irritated by the same thing.  It doesn't do it on BigFatDistro (Fedora with KDE).  I've avoided that file list thing for now. Any thoughts anyone ...

Right now I'm busy building a new "mplayer" uci with the *new* mplayer release, new lame release, faad2, faac, libtheora etc mjpegtools, firewire support, probably DVDAuthor, possibly gpac for MP4 etc etc -- "jam packed with extra features" as they say on TV. New releases don't always make much difference in some areas, but that's not true of media encoders. MPlayer claim to have at last fixed the x264 support in mencoder with this new release so support for that will be included (and now that I've worked out how to compile it on dsl) => x264 = very high quality encodes at low bitrates => small movie files.

It will however be a massive download - at least twice the current size with all the extra libs etc - for which I make no apology, since half the progs are dependent on the other half so it beats loading 3 or 4 different ucis duplicating libs, and there won't be much dsl won't be able to do media-wise, hardware permitting.

Anyway I'm slacking off here, better get back to it. It's only half finished and the going is headache-inducing, so don't anyone hold their breath :=)

Posted by WDef on Oct. 29 2006,13:28
xnview.uci crash - we're not alone they're having this problem on Suse as well.

I'm running strace and it says it's a segfault. Investigating further.

Posted by WDef on Oct. 30 2006,14:10
Here's what gdb says:

Code Sample
(no debugging symbols found)...
Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0x4002c160 in XtWidgetToApplicationContext () from /usr/X11R6/lib/libXt.so.6

I've posted this over at the xnview forum.  Hopefully the xnview developer might take notice.

Posted by roberts on Oct. 31 2006,01:10
New UCI extensions from clacker


Please read the info files.
Thanks clacker.

Posted by roberts on Oct. 31 2006,01:11
A programmer's text editor:


Thanks godo

Posted by roberts on Oct. 31 2006,17:17
As requested...

Note: Right Click the desktop icon to access all the OOo Apps & Features.

Thanks to JB4X4

Posted by WDef on Nov. 02 2006,11:50
Some news - the Xnview developer says he's < looking into > into our problem.
Posted by JB4x4 on Nov. 02 2006,13:14
I have managed to compile Firefox 2.0 with the GTK1 toolkit.  It runs in DSL without any additional extensions.  I still need to do some clean-up work and package it, but was just curious if there was interest in this before I put too much time into it.
Posted by mikshaw on Nov. 02 2006,13:34

so cool =o)

Posted by meo on Nov. 02 2006,13:46

I thought that firefox 2.0 needed gtk2 so that's why I posted my request for it in that section. But if it can be compiled with gtk1 that might be even better. I'd love to try it out. Really nice work!

Have fun everyhopa (swenglish),

Posted by JB4x4 on Nov. 03 2006,02:41
Firefox 2.0 - GTK1

See the November Extensions:

< http://damnsmalllinux.org/cgi-bin....=15904; >

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