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started by: roberts

Posted by roberts on Nov. 03 2006,03:33
To start off November, we now have in the testing area:


Thanks goes to JB4X4

Posted by meo on Nov. 03 2006,08:37
Hi guys!

I'm trying it out now and it seems to work like a charm. Thanks a lot the effort to make this extension JB4x4! It's really cool!

Keep on having fun with DSL,

Posted by WDef on Nov. 03 2006,12:21
Good to see all these useful ucis coming think and fast ... :)
Posted by safesys on Nov. 03 2006,12:57
Thats great - thanks.

The only problem I have is it doesn't work with the jre_5_0.tar.gz I was using with the built in version of ff - am I missing something simple?

Posted by safesys on Nov. 03 2006,19:27
fwiw, I've found that running this:

ln -s /ramdisk/opt/jre1_5_0/plugin/i386/ns7/ /ramdisk/home/dsl/.mozilla/plugins/

cures it.

Posted by mikshaw on Nov. 04 2006,02:04
Tried this firefox extension in DSL on a 1.8ghz machine, and a 333mhz...the 333 runs firefox 1.0 much better (though still clunky). I have to say I was rather disappointed. It does work, though.

I also loaded the extension on my Suse machine (1.8ghz), and haven't seen any improvement over the gtk2 version. In fact, the non-antialiased fonts made it less appealing. But that's a non-point.

I'm wondering mostly about the name. Wasn't Bon Echo the name of a Firefox2 alpha release?

Posted by JB4x4 on Nov. 04 2006,03:06
Yes, Bon Echo was the name of one the Alpha release.  It is also used for Community Edition builds of Firefox that are not eligible to use the official Mozilla branding.  You can build the sources with the official logos, but I went this route instead.
Posted by mikshaw on Nov. 04 2006,04:06
Thanks for the clarification.
I do like this extension, however disappointed I may have sounded.  I was just hoping that firefox2.0 on gtk1 would see a performance improvement over gtk2

Posted by meo on Nov. 05 2006,17:58
Hi guys!

To me it seems that the new extension firefox 2.0 works just as fast as the built in older version. It works just fine. I have an old 500 mHz PIII cpu in this laptop and 256 MB RAM so I'm quite pleased. Keep up the good work!

Have fun,

Posted by reidar on Nov. 09 2006,18:36
Thanks safesys, I had the exact same problem! I will try your symlink trick.


Posted by roberts on Nov. 12 2006,23:10
Thanks to mikshaw, we now have for your coding pleasure the Advanced Bash Scripting Guide made into a uci.


Posted by roberts on Nov. 12 2006,23:11
BitTornado has been upgraded from a dot dsl to a uci.
Thanks goes to humpty


Posted by mondes_engloutis on Nov. 13 2006,01:53
Where can we get those extensions ?


Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Nov. 13 2006,14:52 > Downloads > mirror > mydsl > testing
Posted by roberts on Nov. 25 2006,17:12
Thanks to Juanito, now posted is the kernel required compiler

Posted by jls legalize on Dec. 05 2006,15:30
I've updated azureus to and nerolinux to U can find them < here >

legaliza cannabis, etc.

Posted by Selim on Dec. 06 2006,10:48
As for amsn-tcltk-0.95-ver3.dsl and amsn-tcltk-0.95-ver4.dsl, write access for other isn't enabled on the /tmp directory in azureus-gtk2_java- and nerolinux- This will prevent DSL from printing. To fix that have a look < here >

Edit: Same pb with amule-gtk2-2.1.3.dsl According to < Zucca > this pb prevents xmms and icontool from working.

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