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Topic: man.uci
started by: roberts

Posted by roberts on April 28 2008,02:30
Thanks to WDef for an update to man.uci
Code Sample

Title: man.uci
Description: Linux manual pager
Version: 1.6
Author: John Eaton, Richard Verhoeven, Michael Hamilton, Andries Brouwer
Copying-policy: Copyright by authors, distributable under GPL
-----==[  Color = blue     Filesize:   5.1M  ]==-----
Extension by: mikshaw
Comments: --=[  REQUIRES gnu-utils.{dsl,uci}  ]=--
This package includes the man application, plus the
               standard collection of Linux man pages found at
     , and man pages
               for many of the programs available in DSL 1.2.
               Some pages may be older or newer than their associated
               programs in DSL.
               Use the right-click menu or /opt/man/
               Currently this doesn't work with tab completion, but
               I'm looking into that.
Change-log: 07/09/2005 First version
27/04/2008 Changes by wdef
- now sees man pages in ucis and on system
- white background and bigger font for display with right-click menu.
Current: 2008/04/27

Posted by mikshaw on April 28 2008,10:49
REQUIRES gnu-utils.{dsl,uci}

Quote (WDef @ April 27 2008,15:47)

One observation - Mikshaw's info notes refer to requiring gnu-utils, yet I'm pretty sure I've run it without (?).

I don't remember putting that in there, but I no longer have the original work files to reference.  It does seem that some things change over time with DSL. I have an old mplayer package that emphasises that it won't work without XFree86, but it does.  This could be something that changed in DSL over the last couple of years, or it could be at the time that I was just clueless.

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on April 28 2008,16:27
FWIW: Over time, some busybox tools could've been replaced by their gnu counterparts in the base and some libs could've been added.
Posted by WDef on April 28 2008,17:32
Perhaps (guessing) you just meant that there wasn't much point to GNU manpages if gnu utils weren't installed, ie not a strict dependency but made sense to be consistent.
Posted by WDef on April 28 2008,17:34
Mmm, I edit my info pages in Scite, often seem to get unpredictable renderings of tabs in the  posted files. Are we not supposed to use tabs in the info files?
Posted by mikshaw on April 29 2008,21:43
I have an old mplayer package that emphasises that it won't work without XFree86, but it does.
Seems I was wrong about that one. I must have had openGL installed with something at the time (compile-3.3.5 i assume, can't think what else I had installed yesterday).  Funny thing is, today mplayer worked simply by installing LD_LIBRARY_PATH needed for some reason.  In any case, this is off topic...just wanted to correct my previous comment.

Posted by curaga on April 30 2008,13:56
@Wdef: I use nano and tabs in my .info-files and they have always worked
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