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Topic: gtk+-2.12.9-dev.tar.gz
started by: roberts

Posted by roberts on May 04 2008,00:10
Thanks to Jason for:
Code Sample
Title:          gtk+-2.12.9-dev.tar.gz
Description:    GTK2 and related development libraries.
Version:        2.12.9
Author:         Varied
Original-site:  Varied
Copying-policy: Varied
-----==[ Color = green Filesize: 3.34M ]==-----
Extension by:   Jason W
Comments:       This is gtk+-2.12.9 development libraries. For this to be
               installed the gtk+-2.12.9.uci extension must be converted
               to a .tar.gz.  Then this extension will load on top
               of it.  See the gtk+-2.12.9.uci extension for more details
               on contents.
Current:        2008/04/20      First version 2.12.9

Posted by meo on May 06 2008,01:24
Hi Jason W!

In the info file it says that the .uci file of gtk2 has to be converted into a .tar.gz file. How is that done?

Have fun with this great distro,

Posted by Jason W on May 06 2008,03:09
Hi meo,
It is also in the DSL book but here it is.  The way to make a .uci into a .tar.gz is basically the same as making a program installed into /opt into a .tar.gz.  With the gtk extension loaded, in a terminal:

# cd /
# find opt/gtk+-2.12.9 -not -type d > /tmp/gtk.list

then edit the /tmp/gtk.list to contain any other files you want in the tarball.  
Make the right permissions (not really needed at this point for the extension though):

# chown -R 0.0 /{opt/,tmp/}
# chown -R 1001.50 /home/dsl/
# chown 1001.50 /tmp/

Create the .tar.gz:

# tar -C / -T /tmp/gtk.list -czvf /tmp/gtk+-2.12.9.tar.gz

Unload the uci or reboot, and load the gtk+-2.12.9.tar.gz and then you can load the -dev extension.

Hope this helps


Posted by Juanito on May 06 2008,04:34
..or as a quick and dirty method to put the extension and the development files together, you could do:
Code Sample
$ mydsl-load /path-to-file/gtk+-2.12.9.uci
$ sudo cp -r /opt/gtk+-2.12.9 /tmp
$ mydsl-load /path-to-file/gtk+-2.12.9.uci
$ sudo cp -r /tmp/gtk+-2.12.9 /opt
$ sudo rm -r /tmp/gtk+-2.12.9
$ mydsl-load /path-to-file/gtk+-2.12.9-dev.tar.gz
$ cd /opt
$ sudo mkisofs -R -hide-rr-moved gtk+-2.12.9/ | create_compressed_fs - 65536 > /tmp/gtk+-2.12.9.uci

Posted by meo on May 06 2008,06:04
Thank you guys!

I have the book but here in Sweden there is a saying that "the last thing you look in is the manual". And it seems to be true concerning me. Thank you for your help! It is most appreciated.

Keep on having fun with DSL,

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