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Posted by roberts on May 11 2008,22:56
Thanks to mikshaw for:
Code Sample

Title:          wget.uci
Description:    commandline downloader
Version:        1.11.2
Author:         Hrvoje Niksic (see also /opt/wget/AUTHORS)
Original-site:  http://www.gnu.org/software/wget/
Copying-policy: GPL version 3
Filesize:       175k  -------------------------------------------------
Extension by:   mikshaw [mrblog-swirly-yahoo-period-com]
Comments:       GNU Wget is a free utility for non-interactive download
               of files from the Web.  It is available in the DSL base
               as a much smaller Busybox app with  basic features.
               Some users might find the Busybox version very limited,
               and not want to install the whole of gnu-utils in order
               to get the GNU version, so this package is for them.
               This package does *not* override the existing Wget, and
               must be used with a full path to the executable:
               /opt/wget/bin/wget (or modify your PATH variable)
               It can be copied anywhere you find more convenient.
               This UCI includes the full TexInfo manual for wget.
Change-log:     2008/05/06 - First Build, version 1.11.2
Current:        2008/05/06

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