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Topic: gtk+-2.12.9.uci
started by: roberts

Posted by roberts on May 11 2008,23:04
Thanks to Jason for an update to:
Code Sample
Title:          gtk+-2.12.9.uci
Description:    GTK2 and related libraries.
Version:        2.12.9
Author:         Varied
Original-site:  Varied
Copying-policy: Varied
-----==[ Color green Filesize: 16.0M ]==-----
Extension by:   Jason W
Comments:       This is gtk+-2.12.9 and supporting libraries
      to run many gtk2 apps.  To use this extension, there
is a MyDSL menu for setting up or undoing setup.  Simply
running the right menu and answering yes/no will set up
this extension for use or remove the added entries in
/etc/  There is also a script
/opt/bin/boot_setup_gtk+-2.12.9 that can be called upon
during boot perform the setup.  To make use of true type fonts,
there are several font paths that are enabled by default.
Simply place fonts in any of these directories:
This allows fonts to be stored on removable media and
automatically used when the device is mounted with no
further configuration required.  Running:
# /opt/gtk+-2.12.9/bin/fc-cache
may be required when installing fonts, but once configured
the fonts should just work if they are in one of the above
               aspell-0.60.5      LGPL
               atk-1.22.0         Library GPL
               cairo-1.6.4        LGPL
               fontconfig-2.3.2   MIT
               freetype-2.3.5     GPL
               glib-2.16.3        Library GPL
               gnutls-2.2.2       GPL
               gtk+-2.12.9        Library GPL
               gtkspell-2.0.11    GPL
               jpeg-6b            GPL
               libgcrypt-1.4.0    GPL
               libgpg-error-1.6   GPL
               libpng-1.2.26      open source
               libxml2-2.6.32     MIT
               pango-1.20.2       Library GPL
               tiff-3.6.1         BSD
  2008/04/20 First version 2.12.9
Current: 2008/05/10 Added configuration scripts - original provided by WDef
and with help from the forum.  Added extra font paths.
Symlinked /etc and /var to /opt/gtk+-2.12.9-conf.

Posted by Jason W on May 14 2008,00:15
Simple omission of mine in the info file.  This:


Should read:


Posted by meo on May 15 2008,10:43
Hello Jason W!

Nice work with the new extension! I'm sorry to say that k3b burning program doesn't work with this new extension loaded. I even had to reboot to make it work. It would be nice with a k3b extension that works with gtk2.

Thanks for all you've done and have fun,

Posted by Jason W on May 15 2008,12:47
Hi meo,
I have gtk+-2.12.9 and k3b working together on DSL 2.4.  What DSL version are you using?  I cannot get k3b to pull up on DSL 4.3 even with gtk2 not loaded.  There has been a lot of changes in DSL between those two versions (like updates to cdrtools) and I do not have the time right now to further troubleshoot that particular issue.    EDIT: Probably due to my not loading the scsi drivers first, I will try that later.
When you have gtk2 loaded, what error messages are you getting?  Does k3b pull up but not burn?  I would be happy to further investigate and pinpoint the problem with a little more information.
Thanks and have a good day,

Posted by meo on May 15 2008,13:30
Hi again Jason W!

I'm using DSL version 3.3 (heavily remastered; the KNOPPIX file is more than triple the size of the original). K3b works fine as long as I havent loaded gtk+-2.12.9 before (unloading it makes no difference, it does not work). K3b tries to start (the sudo monitor appears but just briefly; like a twinkle of an eye) but then the cpu monitor goes back to zero. As I am a totally selflearned enthusiast I don't know where to look for error messages. So I need some help with that part but I really want you to understand that I appreciate this extension (gtk+-2.12.9) very much as I'm using the newest firefox, thunterbird and openoffice versions in different languages. So a big thanks for your effort!

Have fun working with DSL,

Posted by curaga on May 15 2008,15:32
meo: start k3b from a terminal, to see any errors

Also, in the meantime you could have a try with Xcdroast. There's the latest version of it in MyDSL and it's very much like K3b, but it's a gtk1 app.

Posted by meo on May 15 2008,18:40
Thanks curaga!

I'll give it a try and see what happens! But as I mentioned K3B works if I don't load gtk+-2.12.9 before. So if I'm going to burn a cd I can do that and load whatever afterwards.

Keep on have fun with DSL,

Posted by meo on May 15 2008,20:55
Hello again Jason W!

I've tried out starting K3B some times now. It works just fine with gtk+-2.10.9 up and running. I intended to follow curagas suggestion to start K3B from a terminal to see what errors might come up. The problem is that I can't open an xshell to try. It just appears and disappears like a twinkle of an eye. And you know that K3B starts up with a rootshell. Then I tried to start it from emelfm. I was really surprised that it really started from emelfm as root. So the problem has something to do with K3B starting with a rootshell. That's all I can come to think of. I hope this is of any use for you. Keep up the good work!

As always have fun with DSL (The Linux Swiss Knife),

Posted by meo on May 15 2008,21:29
Hello again Jason!

This is getting more and more weird. Now I have only gtk+-2.12.9, Firefox- and Openoffice-2.4 and the xshell works just allright. This is really weird. I have no useful explanation but I think I'd let you know.

Have fun out there,

EDIT: Maybe some system error was caused by trying to start K3B when it didn't work.

Posted by Jason W on May 15 2008,22:00
Hi meo,
I had to run off to work right after my last post.  Does it make a difference if gtk+-2.12.9 has been "set up", that is the library linking added to /etc/  Try k3b with the gtk uci loaded but not set up, and then after.  I am curious if library linking may be causing the issue.

EDIT:  Be sure to reboot into a clean system each time before trying.

Posted by meo on May 15 2008,22:31
Hi Jason,

Yes, K3B works with gtk+-2.12.9 loaded but not set up. So I guess you are on the right track. Hope this helps!

Have fun out there in cyberspace wherever you may be,

Posted by Jason W on May 15 2008,22:55
OK, now "set up" gtk2 and post the output of

$ ldd /usr/bin/k3b

also may help:

$ ldd /usr/bin/sudo

$ ldd /usr/bin/aterm

$ ldd /usr/bin/rxvt

since you mentioned the root terminal issue.  See if /opt/gtk+-2.12.9/lib/* is in any of the results.  Of course there is a lot more kde stuff that it may be, but that is a start.  One more thing I forgot to ask, do you see the same issue with a stock DSL 3.3?

Posted by meo on May 15 2008,23:43
Hi Jason,

Sorry for the delay but all I get from xshell now is a "twinkling of an eye" so to speak. I have rebooted some times but just the same thing occurs, no xshell, so I can't try your suggestions right now. Furthermore my eyeballs are soon reaching the floor (It's 1.40 AM here in Sweden right now). I'll try tomorrow again with a "vanilla" DSL 3.3 and get back to you.

Have fun and thanks,

Posted by Jason W on May 16 2008,00:31
Hi meo,
I cannot get k3b to work with DSL 3.3 even without gtk loaded or set up, but I did check the library linkings for /usr/bin/k3b with gtk set up.  
Here they are: => /usr/lib/ (0x40020000) => /usr/lib/ (0x4004f000) => /usr/lib/ (0x400ae000) => /usr/lib/ (0x400b6000) => /usr/lib/ (0x40121000) => /usr/lib/ (0x40165000) => /usr/lib/ (0x402ac000) => /usr/lib/ (0x4035b000) => /usr/X11R6/lib/ (0x40370000) => /usr/lib/ (0x403bb000) => /usr/lib/ (0x403c3000) => /usr/lib/ (0x403e1000) => /usr/lib/ (0x403ed000) => /usr/lib/ (0x403f5000) => /usr/lib/ (0x404dd000) => /usr/lib/ (0x40506000) => /usr/lib/ (0x4050b000) => /usr/lib/ (0x40520000) => /usr/lib/ (0x405da000) => /opt/gtk+-2.12.9/lib/ (0x40695000) => /opt/gtk+-2.12.9/lib/ (0x40699000) => /opt/gtk+-2.12.9/lib/ (0x4069f000) => /usr/lib/ (0x4076a000) => /usr/lib/ (0x407ae000) => /usr/lib/ (0x407d0000) => /usr/lib/ (0x407f4000) => /usr/lib/ (0x4084b000) => /usr/lib/ (0x409e4000) => /usr/lib/ (0x40d0b000) => /usr/lib/ (0x40fca000) => /usr/lib/ (0x40fe4000) => /usr/lib/ (0x40ff4000) => /usr/lib/ (0x4121f000) => /lib/ (0x41254000) => /lib/ (0x41257000) => /lib/ (0x41269000) => /usr/lib/ (0x4126c000) => /usr/lib/ (0x41282000) => /usr/lib/ (0x412b2000) => /usr/lib/ (0x412df000) => /opt/gtk+-2.12.9/lib/ (0x419ca000) => /usr/X11R6/lib/ (0x419ed000) => /usr/X11R6/lib/ (0x419fa000) => /usr/X11R6/lib/ (0x41a02000) => /lib/ (0x41a19000) => /usr/lib/ (0x41a6b000) => /usr/X11R6/lib/ (0x41a73000) => /usr/lib/ (0x41b2f000) => /usr/lib/ (0x41b41000) => /usr/lib/ (0x41b49000) => /lib/ (0x41c03000) => /lib/ (0x41c26000) => /lib/ (0x41c2f000) => /lib/ (0x41d62000)
/lib/ => /lib/ (0x40000000) => /opt/gtk+-2.12.9/lib/ (0x41d75000) => /opt/gtk+-2.12.9/lib/ (0x41d9f000) => /usr/lib/ (0x41da4000) => /opt/gtk+-2.12.9/lib/ (0x41dad000) => /opt/gtk+-2.12.9/lib/ (0x41dc0000) => /opt/gtk+-2.12.9/lib/ (0x41e30000)

They are exactly the same as the linkings in DSL 2.4 with gtk set up - even the md5sums of the output files matched.  And k3b works with DSL 2.4 for me without a hitch.  I did not investigate too deep at the time why k3b does not play as well with DSL 3.3 since the extensions are our focus here.  /var/tmp needed to be created, but that is where I stopped.  It seems that something in later DSL versions or in your remastered 3.3 is causing a conflict between the two extensions.  What steps did you take to get k3b working in your DSL 3.3?  
It would be nice if both these extensions worked together with the various DSL versions, and I will dig a little deeper into what may be causing this.  Let me know how a stock DSL 3.3 works for you in this matter.

Posted by meo on May 16 2008,06:40
Hi Jason,

To get K3B to work I just used the commandline in emelfm as root using the full path to the executable. I tried it just now again and it started properly as far as I can see. The path is: /opt/k3b/usr/bin/k3b and that's it. The xshell doesn't work though. I haven't slept much tonight but I've just had a jolt cola and a handful of painkillers so we'll se what happens with my sorry excuse for a body. I'll get back to you later.

Keep on having fun with this wonderful distro,

Posted by meo on May 16 2008,08:28
Hello again Jason!

I'm now using DSL version 3.3 "vanilla" or out of the box. K3B starts just fine even with gtk+-2.12.9 loaded but not set up. When I have set up gtk+-2.12.9 it also seems to work if it is started from emelfm as root using the full path to the executable. But the xshell "twinkle of an eye" behavior starts when gtk+-2.12.9 is set up. Exactly the same behavior as before when I used my remastered version of DSL version 3.3. Some things I might mention even if I don't know if it is relevant. I'm using an K3B extension that I converted into an .unc extension following Roberts instructions in the matter and I'm using the DSL-embedded version on an usb-pendrive. That is all I can think of that might be different in your setup compared to mine. Further than that I can't get as xshell doesn't work now.

Keep on having fun using DSL,

Posted by lucky13 on May 16 2008,11:21
1. Always test extensions with DSL releases, not remasters.
2. Always test the versions found in MyDSL, not conversions.

With either of the above, you're introducing too many new variables beyond the scope of the original extension you're testing. If you mis-set permissions somewhere along the line, that can cause problems. If you installed or did something improperly, that can cause problems. Either way, those would be your own problems and not problems with extensions.

I think it would've been more helpful to know upfront that you hadn't tested against a clean version of DSL and that you're testing a converted extension. That way others could've suggested you test in a clean state instead of in a "dirty lab" and see if the problems persist there or -- perhaps -- if there's a problem in your "dirty lab." If that were the case, the problem isn't with the extensions at question.

Posted by Jason W on May 16 2008,13:19

Lucky is right.  You did mention you were using a remaster in your second post, but did not mention that you were using a converted extension until your last one.  I should have insisted on you using a DSL release when you first said you were using a remaster, but I was distracted by  my own issue of running k3b.  It would save a lot of time for you and others before reporting problems to follow the two things Lucky mentioned in his above post.  And not only that but to also say if you are running DSL as embedded, toram, livecd mode, etc.

See if the extension works in plain live cd mode if you are having problems running in any other manner, and mention that information when reporting.  If an extension is having trouble being used in toram or embedded mode but not in regular live mode for instance, knowing that from the get go can save hours of troubleshooting.  Also helpful to know is any other extensions that are loaded, even if you do not think they are part of the issue.  The more homework done, the quicker a solution can be found.  

One beauty of DSL is it is easy to remaster, create  or convert extensions, strip extensions or add to them, and so on.   Like any distro we are free to do with it what we wish.  But if our remaster or converted extensions break, guess what? We get to keep both pieces.  I have only made one remaster myself - I added XFree and a couple other things - but I sure have bungled my live system a time or two making or tweaking extensions, especially early on.

First get some sleep, and then try the standard k3b.dsl with a standard DSL release, preferably in live cd mode, and let us know how it goes.  Heading off to work now so I will check back this afternoon.  Have a good day.

Posted by meo on May 16 2008,17:01
Hi Jason,

Looking back at what has been posted regarding this issue I truly regret that I ever brought it up. I thought I was doing something good for the DSL community when I brought it up but what has it led to? Nothing positive what I can see. I have received several personal atacks and I have taken up much more than necessary of your time Jason. I admit that I should have gone about it in a different manner just according to your last post. So now my spark for this issue has disappeared and this will be my last post regarding this issue. I leave it all in more capable hands than mine.

Have fun, good luck and thanks for your good work Jason,
Sincerely Yours, meo

Posted by lucky13 on May 16 2008,18:37
I have received several personal atacks

You dished out quite a bit more than you got back, especially with your decision to resort to (possible) Israeli sayings. Be grateful I restrained myself from making it much more personal. No worries, I just won't bother helping you anymore whether it involves an app you want compiled or something you can't get sorted out.

Posted by Jason W on May 16 2008,22:21
Hi meo,
I do not regret that you brought up this issue, and I was not meaning that you have wasted my time.  I am very interested in hearing of issues that an extension of mine might cause with either the base system or other extensions.  After reading through your remastering thread, I do not think you would be leaving this issue in more capable hands if you decide not to further pursue it.  You have been using and remastering DSL since before I even started using Linux.
I do not want anyone to hesitate to report on a problem.  Following the steps to eliminate variables and providing as much relevent info as possible just makes the process smoother.  
I see that this issue is solved in the user feedback section.  I do not want to be overly critical, but you should have posted that in this thread.  It helps to confine an issue to one thread.  :)
Thanks and I think I might try my hand at a remaster tonight or tomorrow, following your examples and instructions of course.  

Posted by meo on May 17 2008,01:35
Dear Jason,

I know that I should have posted my findings in this thread but what do you think would have happened then (considering the post before yours)? It makes you wonder doesn't it? Especially if you take into consideration the contents of the thread I started in the apps section concerning K3B. It felt kind of like having a pitbull terrier on my rear end (note that i wrote "felt", I'm not assuming anything in this matter but I think I owe you an explanation of why I took this decision) all the time. As soon as I posted something in this thread it was followed by something that seemed (note that I use the word "seemed" because I don't want any more misunderstandings now) aimed to harm me. I never really got harmed, (I've experienced many things that are a lot worse on the three continents I have lived and worked. In fact it's almost a miracle that I'm still alive because I've faced death quite a few times.) but I don't like situations like that. In my opinion it should be joyful to try to help eachother in this forum. To me tweaking with DSL is fun and that is what I what I want others to feel also. That's why I always end my posts in the way I do. But then participating in solving this issue wasn't fun anymore. It was as fun as running away from a pitbull terrier that wants to harm you. So I withdrew from this issue and posted my findings elsewhere. I hope and think you understand my decision Jason because that's the reason why I posted this in this thread.

As always have fun with DSL and keep up your good work Jason,
Truly Yours meo

PS I'm posting this from a re-remaster of DSL 4.3 DS

Posted by Jason W on May 17 2008,02:19
I am sorry this thread has been an unpleasant experience for you.  I won't lecture you anymore either.  As far as I am concerned your posts are welcome anywhere anytime.  

Right now my thoughts have turned to my DSL 4.2.3 remaster.  I am unpacking my extensions (.dsl, .uci, .tar.gz) to the KNOPPIX file as to not have to load them.  Having to symlink the stuff that gets installed into /opt to a different place in the KNOPPIX file as to not eat up RAM.  

Your remastering thread is a gold mine of information.  Remastering DSL is an easy to follow process, thanks to the master of the remaster. :-)
Take it easy and keep up the good work.

Posted by lucky13 on May 17 2008,03:10
It felt kind of like having a pitbull terrier on my rear end (note that i wrote "felt", I'm not assuming anything in this matter but I think I owe you an explanation of why I took this decision) all the time. As soon as I posted something in this thread it was followed by something that seemed (note that I use the word "seemed" because I don't want any more misunderstandings now) aimed to harm me.

I'm adopting that quote as my signature. That's the funniest **** anyone's ever written about me.

Since you're still whining about it, how did my trying to find out if there are any new/desired features in k3b harm you? And how the bleep do you make me out to be such a bad guy when I was trying to see if I could help you?

That last part is why you won't get any more help from me. Ingrate.

Posted by Jason W on June 24 2008,03:03
The gtk+-2.12.9.uci setup and deconfigure scripts as they are now do not work with the update to dialog that is in DSL 4.4.2.  I wasn't considering dialog being used at that time.  I have fixed them to be compatible with both whiptail/dialog, and will submit in the next day or so.  Along with some update to the info file.
And man, that new default dialog theme looks cool.

Posted by curaga on June 24 2008,14:58
Screenshots, or it didn't happen :)
Posted by Jason W on June 24 2008,16:29
Here is what I was greeted with when I clicked setup:

< >

Posted by curaga on June 24 2008,17:46
WOW. /me prefers console dialogs now.
Posted by meo on June 24 2008,18:20
Hi Jason!

It looks very good! Can't wait to give the updated extension a "testdrive".

Keep up helping the community while having fun,

Posted by roberts on June 25 2008,03:48
Thanks to Jason, a new updated version is now posted.
Posted by meo on June 25 2008,13:59
Hi again Jason!

The extension works very well with DSL-4.4.2 (embedded). I'm using it with the new Firefox-3.0 (I made a shortcut extension of the new firefox as soon as it was released maybe I'll make an extension "by the book" of it later when I get more time) and everything seems OK The setup looks even better than before. Thanks!

Have fun out there all DSL users,

Posted by mikshaw on Aug. 17 2008,11:42
The info file for juanito's gimp-2.4.uci states that cairo-1.2.uci and gtk+-2.10.uci are required.
Thought I'd mention that gimp-2.4.uci can aternatively be used with this more recent version of gtk, just in case it's useful info.

On the subject of gtk+-2.12.9.uci itself , I'm interested in automating the process of setting this up from bootlocal. I'd like to make sure I'm not omitting something before next reboot (just in case).
It looks like all I need to do to avoid having to run the dialog script is to replace /etc/ (from a backup, for example) and run ldconfig?

Posted by Jason W on Aug. 17 2008,13:00
Yes, a backup of /etc/ and running ldconfig after reboot would do just fine.  There is also a non-interactive boot script in /opt/bin that could be used that would accomplish the same thing also.  

Posted by mikshaw on Aug. 17 2008,13:22
k, thanks very much.

I don't really use backup/ was just mentioned as a familiar example.  I actually already have a couple of other /etc files being replaced using bootlocal, so I just added to that:
Code Sample
cp -fp ${BOOTFILES}/{inittab,shadow,} /etc/
telinit q

This is the first time I've ever used gtk2 in DSL, to be honest.  Primarily it's just to have access to the newer features of Gimp 2.4, but I'll probably start exploring other apps now.  Thanks again.

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