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Posted by roberts on May 22 2008,18:45
Thanks to Andrew for:
Code Sample
Title:          gnokii-0.6.25.uci
Description:    gnokii mobile phone manager
Version:        0.6.25
Author:         see http://
Original-site:  http://
Copying-policy: GPL
-----==[  Color = green     Filesize:   1.8MB  ]==-----
Extension by:   andrewb
Comments:       *** Requires gtk+-2.12.9.uci and bluez-utils.uci***
               may work with other gtk2 extensions - not tested - may require other additional extensions e.g. cairo-1.2
               gnokii is a command-line utility to manage mobile phones
               xgnokii and gnocky are GUI frontends for gnokii
               Config file gnokiirc needs to be copied from /opt/gnokii-0.6.25 to /home/dsl and renamed .gnokiirc prior to
               running any of the programs. Read the contents of gnokiirc & for more information on options.
               This has been tested on DSL with Nokia 3200 & 7210 using CA-42 usb cable - use port /dev/ttyUSB0. Also tested
               with 6150 and 5110 and serial dau9p cable - use port e.g. /dev/ttys0.
               Bluetooth and IRDA options are also compiled.
               Both xgnokii and gnocky GUIs are provided as xgnokii doesnt work with / breaks some phones (see
               Note that the preferences dialog in Gnocky doesnt seem to do anything OK & Accept buttons greyed out.
               You need to edit .gnokiirc to change options.
Change-log:     First version
Current:        2008/05/19

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