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started by: roberts

Posted by roberts on May 27 2008,04:19
Thanks to florian for:
Code Sample
Title:          flwm.dsl
Description:    Flwm is a minimalist X Window Manager
Version:        1.02
Author:         Bill Spitzak (http://mysite.verizon.net/spitzak/)
Original-site:  http://flwm.sourceforge.net
Copying-policy: GNU GPL (v2 or later)
-----==[  Color = red     Filesize:   23KB  ]==-----
Extension by:   florian (http://florian.cauvin.free.fr/)
Comments:       This extension uses FTLK shared library (included in DSL
               version 4.4RC1 and later)
               To use, replace jwm or fluxbox by flwm in ~/.desktop
               Optionally, copy ~/.jwm.inc (or ~/.fluxbox.inc) to ~/.flwm.inc
Current:        2008/05/27 - First version

Posted by Jason W on May 28 2008,03:25
I like this little window manager now that I tried it. Could you include the libfltk.so.1.1 library in a flwm extension that could be used on previous DSL versions?  I am using it on DSL 4.2.5 now, and I think it would nice for folks to be able to use this wm easily in any DSL version.

EDIT:  Working nicely in DSL 1.1 also.

Posted by florian on May 28 2008,09:34
Good point Jason! But rather than adding fltk.so in the flwm extension, I'd rather have it as a separate extension of its own.

This way, alll future extensions that make use of the FLTK toolkit (as shared libs) could work as-is on DSL 4.4+ and would also work on previous DSL version with the extra requirement of loading the FTLK extension first.

I'll create this extension tonight when I'm back home.

Posted by lucky13 on May 28 2008,11:48
I think there are fltk.dsl and .unc extensions in testing already.
Posted by curaga on May 28 2008,13:33
They only have the static lib, as fltk only builds it by default
Posted by danielp on June 06 2008,11:01
Thanks also florian! I really like this window manager, it's fast, easy to use, and leaves a lot of vertical space on the screen, which is highly important to me (for web browsing, it's perfect!).
Posted by WDef on July 25 2008,23:50
[apologies -posted in the wrong thread ]
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