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started by: roberts

Posted by roberts on Aug. 18 2008,15:16
Thanks to jls legalize for:
Code Sample

Title:          atmelusb2.4.31.dsl
Description:    Atmel USB WLAN Drivers
Version:        0.11
Author:         Jorg Albert
Copying-policy: GPL
-----==[  Color = red     Filesize:   191K  ]==-----
Extension by:   jls legalize
Comments:       berliOS at76c503a linux driver package version 0.11
               for Atmel AT76C503/505A based USB WLAN adaptors
               compiled for DSL kernel 2.4.31 by jls legalize, aug 2008, dsl-4.4.3
               These are alternative drivers to the USB versions provided
               by the Sourcforge atmelwlandriver package.  
               The author, Jorg Albert, claims these drivers are better.
               The wireless adaptor must me plugged in after the system is started  
               To configure the wireless adaptor, iwconfig should be used.
               The following drivers are provided.
               the scanning of the access points is not working
Current:        2008/08/16

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