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Topic: gnome-chess-0.3.2.dsl
started by: roberts

Posted by roberts on Oct. 29 2008,20:01
Thanks to jls for GNU Chess Client in both .dsl and .unc:
Code Sample
Title:              gnome-chess-0.3.2.dsl
Description:        Chess Client
Version:            0.3.2
Copying-policy:     GNU General Public License
-----==[  Color = yellow     Filesize:   3.43MB  ]==--------
Extension by:   jls_legalize
Comments Gnome Chess is a GUI chess client for the GNOME system
which runs on Linux and other unix like systems.
        Currently users can play against local chess engines
        like GNU Chess and Crafty, log in and play on chess
        servers like the Free Internet Chess Server
        and view PGN files.
In this dsl package crafty is included.
Current:       2008/10/28

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