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Topic: traduz_ita_4.4.10.dsl
started by: roberts

Posted by roberts on Nov. 18 2008,23:39
Thanks to jls for both a .dsl and .unc of
Code Sample

Title:          traduz_ita_4.4.10.dsl
Description: Partial italian Translation of dsl-4.4.10 traduzione parziale in italiano d dsl-4.4.10
Version:       4.4.10
Author:        jls_legalize
Copying-policy: GPL
Extension by:   jls_legalize unsenepopiu at
Comments: Italian Translation.
 Traduzione in italiano dei seguenti files
 d dsl 4.4.10:
Ted in italiano /home/dsl/TED
dizionario in italiano x ted
Current:    2008/11/18

Posted by jls legalize on Nov. 19 2008,02:06
Non usare questa estensione xchè c'è un errore in filetool.lua.
Don't use this extension cause there is an error in filetool.lua

Posted by roberts on Nov. 19 2008,04:55
Revision 2 now posted!

Posted by jls legalize on Nov. 21 2008,19:56
Non usare questa estensione xchè c'è un errore in
Don't use this extension cause there is an error in
la terza revisione della traduzione parziale la potete trovare su < >
U can find the third revision of the partial translation on
< >

legalize cannabis, coke, ero.

Posted by roberts on Nov. 24 2008,02:33
Revision 3 now posted!

Posted by roberts on Nov. 29 2008,16:59
Revision 4 now posted!

Posted by jls legalize on Dec. 04 2008,20:53
sorry again, but in rev4 there is an error in the mirror selection window, I sent to robert the correction

legalize cannabis, coke, ero.

Posted by jls legalize on Dec. 08 2008,11:24
Potete trovare la nuova traduzione < qui >
U can find the new translation < here >
As usual, I sent the new revision to extensions at, but this is what Robert replyed:

Hi jls,

Sorry, But John Andrews has stripped me of any access to further support

It is a sad day.

Oh well, don't look back. Only look forward.

See my new project at < >

-- Robert

Posted by florian on Dec. 08 2008,17:05
Hi! How to submit extension then?
Posted by jls legalize on Dec. 11 2008,17:31
revisione 6 pubblicata, guarda 2 messaggi prima x il sito dove scaricarla.
revision 6 posted, see 2 posts before for download link.

legalize cannabis, coke, ero.

Posted by Vink8 on Jan. 25 2009,18:09
I have made some italian translation to /home/dsl/.torsmorc

${color green}Up:$color ${upspeed eth0} k/s${color gold} - Down:$color ${downspeedf eth0} k/s
${color blue}$hr
${color grey}Processi:$color $processes  ${color grey}Uso CPU:$color $cpu%
        ${color violet}${cpubar 3}
${color grey}RAM usata:$color $mem/$memmax - $memperc%
        ${color orange}${membar 3}
${color grey}Swap Used:$color $swap/$swapmax - $swapperc%
        ${color grey}${swapbar 3}
${color grey}File di sistema:
/          $color${fs_used /}/${fs_free /}/${fs_size /}  
        ${color grey}${fs_bar 3 /}
/home      $color${fs_used /home/dsl}/${fs_free /home/dsl}/${fs_size /home/dsl}
        ${color grey}${fs_bar 3 /home/dsl}
${color red}$hr
${color grey}$sysname $kernel ${color grey}su $color$machine
${color grey}Acceso da:$color $uptime
${color green}$hr$color
${color grey}Host:$color ${execi 180 ~/.torsmo_ip}
${color grey}Utente:${color lime} $nodename

How to integrate in traduz_ita_4.4.10.dsl ver6
How to add italian vocabulary to Firefox

Posted by jls legalize on Mar. 05 2009,19:35
.torsmorc was already translated, on how to add the italian vocabulary to firefox I don`t know

legalize cannabis, coke, ero

Posted by Vink8 on Mar. 09 2009,17:30
dsl dma toram alsa lang=it

@ jls legalize
Very happy to find on-line, You there!

I know perfectly that you have made this and many other system file translation, I have only proposed my version.

Please you can explain how to merge my files version in your translation pack to create a new translation pack?

Please be patient, I have many suggestions to improve:
In Jvm Menu Applicazioni Souno [Audio (better for me) or Suono (italian correct)]
Getting started, English, bring some html non conformity;
Getting started, your italian version, add other errors, that also old version of Dillo display;
My Getting started, improved version, is what I want to see, and is tested conforming W3C Standard (Html and Css)
< >

< >

For not truly Firefox but very old Mozilla Bon Echo
(old transition version based on rv:1.8.1 of Gecko dated 02/11/2006) at this moment, March 2009, Firefox is 3.0.7

I Do:
add (italian menu)

add (old flash, better of nothing)

change the content of
to (enable italian menu)
pref("general.useragent.locale", "it-IT");

in firefox.js
and /or other files or trough
made many configuration tuning

add (old flash, better of nothing)

svg.css (but in this old Linux and very old Gecko, Scalable Vector Graphic, .svg files remain Unknown)

and add

After this, my essential plugins are

@jls legalize
Davvero contento di ritrovarti on-line qui!

So perfettamente che tu hai fatto 1 gran lavoro traducendo questo e molti altri file di sistema, ma io ho solo proposto la mia versione.

< Mozilla Italia >

Posted by jls legalize on Mar. 13 2009,13:30
guarda nel wiki come si fa a fare una estensione.
comunque x modificare la mia, prendi la .dsl, la rinomini in .tar.gz, apri emelfm, c doppioclicchi sopra e emelfm te la scompatta, aggiungi i files che t servono, selezioni tutte le cartelle da ricomprimere, tasto destro su emewlfm e pack
poi dai un bel <traduz_ita...>
da riga d comando e la rinomini in .dsl
Se vuoi fare anche il .unc c'è il comando dsl2unc

Posted by Vink8 on Mar. 27 2009,17:27
@jls legalize
I have followed your suggestion to modify a trad_ita.dsl but someting is wrong because the resulting file is inusable.

When i use declobber I read an advise like
traduz_ita_v_7.tar.gz isn't a .dsl file

I put howewer this file inside a dir in my usb pen called
with other useful .dsl and .uci but the result is negative.

Please note that my Damn Small Linux isn't installed,
I work Live.

I was gone in the wiki, but I don't undestand much more.

Want a smiling days? Made Dsl better and share it!

Posted by Vink8 on Nov. 03 2009,01:06
I have made some Italian translation and correction/revision to /home/dsl/.Jwmrc

<Menu icon="folder.xpm" label="Applicazioni">
<Menu icon="folder_cyan.xpm" label="Editor">
 <Program icon="edit.xpm" label="Beaver">beaver</Program>
 <Program icon="text.xpm" label="Nano">aterm +tr -T "Nano" -e nano-tiny</Program>
 <Program icon="notepad.xpm" label="Notepad">editor</Program>
 <Program icon="vim.xpm" label="Vim">aterm +tr -T "Vim" -e vi</Program>

<Menu icon="jpeg.xpm" label="Grafica">
 <Program icon="icon.xpm" label="iconView"> /usr/local/bin/iconView.lua</Program>
 <Program icon="xpaint.xpm" label="mtPaint"> /usr/bin/X11/mtpaint </Program>
 <Program icon="find.xpm" label="Xzoom"> xzoom </Program>
 <Program icon="picture.xpm" label="xzgv Image Viewer"> /usr/bin/xzgv </Program>
<Menu icon="folder_blue.xpm" label="Office">
 <Program icon="wp.xpm" label="Ted editor di testo"> ted </Program>
 <Program icon="spreadsheet.xpm" label="Siag Spreadsheet"> /usr/local/bin/siag </Program>
 <Program icon="xpdf.xpm" label="PDF Viewer"> /usr/bin/xpdf </Program>
 <Program icon="msword.xpm" label="MS Word Viewer">  /usr/local/bin/wordview.lua </Program>
 <Program icon="gvu.xpm" label="Postscript Viewer"> /usr/local/bin/gvu </Program>
 <Program icon="calc.xpm" label="Calcolatrice"> flminicalc </Program>
 <Program icon="calendar.xpm" label="Calendario"> /usr/local/bin/calendar.lua </Program>
 <Program icon="pim2.xpm" label="SQLite Book">/usr/local/bin/</Program>
 <Program icon="pim.xpm" label="PIM using Index">  aterm +tr -T "PIM using Index" -e /usr/bin/index </Program>
 <Program icon="fetch.xpm" label="Net Dictionary">  aterm +tr -T "Internet Dictionary" -e /usr/local/bin/getword </Program>

<Menu icon="audio.xpm" label="Audio">
 <Program icon="dmix.xpm" label="Dmix Mixer audio">dmix</Program>
 <Program icon="phone.xpm" label="gPhone">gphone</Program>
 <Program icon="xmms.xpm" label="Xmms Audio/MPEG">xmms</Program>
 <Program icon="cd.xpm" label="Xmms Play CD"> xmms /dev/cdrom </Program>
<Menu icon="folder_grape.xpm" label="Net">
 <Menu icon="internet.xpm" label="Browser">
   <Program icon="firefox.xpm" label="Firefox"> /usr/local/bin/firefox </Program>
   <Program icon="dillo.xpm" label="Dillo"> dillo file:/usr/share/doc/dsl/getting_started.html </Program>
   <Program icon="html.xpm" label="Netrik"> aterm +tr -T "Netrik" -e /usr/local/bin/netrik <</Program> >

<Menu icon="folder_yellow.xpm" label="Strumenti">
 <Program icon="files-yellow.xpm" label="Add to Bootlocal"> /usr/local/bin/add2bootlocal.lua</Program>
 <Program icon="files-green.xpm" label="Add to Filetool"> /usr/local/bin/add2filetool.lua</Program>
 <Program icon="files-red.xpm" label="Add to Xfiletool"> /usr/local/bin/add2Xfiletool.lua</Program>
 <Program icon="filetypes.xpm" label="dfmext GUI"> /usr/local/bin/dfmext.lua</Program>
 <Program icon="program.xpm" label="fldiff Compare Files"> /usr/local/bin/fldiff</Program>
 <Menu icon="folder_yellow.xpm" label="Emelfm File Manager">
   <Program icon="filemgr.xpm" label="Emelfm"> /usr/X11R6/bin/emelfm </Program>
   <Program icon="filemgr.xpm" label="Emelfm as super-user"> sudo /usr/X11R6/bin/emelfm </Program>

<Menu icon="folder_green.xpm" label="Games">

 <Menu icon="folder.xpm" label="Exit">
  <Restart icon="reboot.xpm" label="Riavvia Window Manager"/>
  <Program icon="wmgr.xpm" label="Cambia Window Manager">switcher.lua</Program>
  <Program icon="exit.xpm" label="Opzioni di uscita">dslexit</Program>

I'm using Opera
so I add

Opera Preferences version 2.1
; Do not edit this file while Opera is running
; This file is stored in UTF-8 encoding

prioritize excludelist=1


< http://*.ads.* >
< http://** >
< http://** >
< http://** >
< http://*/ads/* >
< http://*banner* >
< http://** >
< http://** >
< http://*linkexchange* >
< http://*20dollars2surf* >
< http://ad.* >
< http://ads.* >
< http://adserv* >
< http://count* >
<* >
<* >
<* >

and ouw920_it.lng

Someone can explain me HOW open opera925.uci to add this files (4ever!),
configure java support...

Dsl dma toram lang=it nopcmcia alsa
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