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Topic: libncurses5-dev.dsl
started by: John

Posted by John on Oct. 05 2005,05:38
This is a development .dsl, if you use it please give some feedback here.

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Posted by Timeless Rogue Star on Oct. 10 2005,22:17
i was going to try using this extension, but the dependency libncurses5.dsl isn't available. in the suggestions forum Josh (lub997) said that he had submitted it along with the others, so if someone could put that up, i could try out the extension and report on my experiences with it.

i don't know how i managed to submit a vote, i don't rememeber submitting one, nm an inaccurate vote

upon further investigation, it doesn't appear as though this set of extensions work. from a su terminal i tried 'mydsl-load package.dsl' where "package" would be each of the dependencies packages in order. all it would do is hit the hard disk (i believe it extracts the deb file somewhere but i'm not sure where) but never actually runs an install script (or dpkg -i?). at the end it would print out "invaid color profile" for each of the packages i would try to load.

i tried downloading all the appropriate deb files and installed them and it's pretty clear from the verbose that the dsl packages aren't written/formated correctly. unfortunately i haven't the foggiest idea of how to create a dsl package based on deb packages, so i don't really have a solution to offer

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