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started by: roberts

Posted by roberts on Dec. 02 2005,07:12
More housecleaning and catching up.
Sorry for the delay, been busy with the RC's and 2.0 release.
But things are getting caught up....

Now posted in the < Testing > area of the repository:

1. reiserfsprogs.dsl
2. findutils.uci
3. coreutils.uci
4. procps.uci
5. zgv.tar.gz
6. ipw2100.dsl
7. ipw2200.dsl
8. enigma.uci
9. ultramixer.dsl
10. BitTornado.dsl
11. xgalaga.dsl
12. conky.uci
13. fluxbox_0.9.14.uci
14. audacity
15. scummvm
16. amsn

I think we will drop all the polls as it is too much to do for everybody.

Please try these new extensions and leave feedback in this thread.

Many thanks to all who contribute.
We have a great community.


Posted by mikshaw on Dec. 02 2005,15:08
Haven't tested any yet, except for the ones I built, but wanted to mention something that was not in the info files.

Conky's default settings do not work in DSL, so one of the supplied rc files (or a user-created rc file) is needed for it to run.  The Conky wrapper will copy one of the sample rc files to $HOME/.conkyrc if this file does not already exist.  I edited a couple of the samples to remove or disable things that are not in DSL, but afterward discovered that there is still at least one that doesn't work.  The "running processes" feature requires kernel 2.6, so this feature will always display zero in DSL.

Posted by jls legalize on Dec. 05 2005,02:46
tar: unable to read all data

Posted by struppi on Dec. 05 2005,09:49
tar: unable to read all data

the file must be corrupt. on my machine it worked...

Posted by humpty on Dec. 05 2005,16:20
11. xgalaga.dsl

works fine.

Posted by struppi on Dec. 05 2005,20:56
@jls legalize:

does the scummvm-0.8.0.uci work ?

Posted by jls legalize on Dec. 06 2005,03:35
both doesn't work in my system
Posted by struppi on Dec. 06 2005,17:00
do you get any other error messages ?
Posted by jls legalize on Dec. 06 2005,21:11
tar: bad block type 3
tar: Unable to read all data
tar: Unable to read all data

md5 is ok

Posted by struppi on Dec. 08 2005,09:12
hm. here on my system both scummvm-0.8.0 versions work.
Posted by humpty on Dec. 12 2005,18:49

i think the file maybe corrupt. if you rename it to tar.gz and view it under emelfm ;

-rwxr-xr-x dsl/staff   3852432 2005-10-29 00:33:47 ./usr/games/scummvm

gunzip: scummvm-0.8.0.tar.gz: invalid compressed data--format violated
tar: Unexpected EOF in archive
tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now

Posted by struppi on Dec. 13 2005,01:41
like i said - it must be happened after the submission to the repository. i created both scummvm packages and they work perfectly on every machine i tested it on so far.
Posted by xgalaga.dsl on Dec. 18 2005,12:31
Quote (humpty @ Dec. 05 2005,11:20)
11. xgalaga.dsl

works fine.

In my computer, xgalaga does not work, maybe because the sound card. [I think is alsa, buildt in the mainboard]. There is a noise when I try to start the game and after the first 'impact' it brokes. Sorry.



Posted by TTK=Teobromina_Tool_Kit on Dec. 18 2005,16:16
I do not know why my last post was marked as the xgalaga unregistered user.

Well, when I need another nik I may use 'xgalaga'.

I love this game, though that I am no able to pass too many stages... :D



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