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Topic: JDK & JRE on DSL
started by: NOShawake

Posted by NOShawake on Sep. 29 2006,20:33
Hi @ll! I'm a new member of the community, i ask you, why the JDK and the JRE are not included in the package base? Thanks for answere! :D
Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Sep. 29 2006,22:04
If they were included in the base, DSL could double or triple in size! (that's only a guess).

Not to mention Java is not good for older machines (slow, big, clunky, etc.).

Posted by humpty on Sep. 29 2006,22:20
jre is available in the repository under 'system'.

(although i'd like to have it on record that i never liked java, one of the reasons being that you need 'jre' in the system.)

Posted by NOShawake on Oct. 08 2006,19:28
Ok! Thanks
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